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Deploying to GitHub Pages

Deploying to GitHub Pages

Deploying your app using git subtree allows the use of GitHub Pages. Your gh-pages branch will contain the files from dist.



  1. If not already available, install git-subtree.
  2. Ensure your generated app is in a GitHub-hosted repository that is set as your origin remote.

You can check your remotes with $ git remote -v. See Adding a remote for more info.

1. Install gulp-subtree

$ npm install --save-dev gulp-subtree

2. Create a deploy task

This will run the build task, then push it to the gh-pages branch:

gulp.task('deploy', ['build'], () => {
  return gulp.src('dist')

3. Remove dist from .gitignore



  1. Run $ gulp deploy.
  2. Visit http://[your-username][repo-name].

It might take a couple of minutes for your page to show up the first time you push to gh-pages. In the future, changes will show up instantly.



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