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DigitalOcean Promo Code 2024 / $200 - $400 / 1-Year Valid

DigitalOcean Promo Code 2024 / $200 - $400 / 1-Year Valid

DigitalOcean offers substantial discounts for new users via exclusive promo codes. These codes provide free credits ranging from $10 to $200 to experience DigitalOcean's cloud services.

This guide provides:

  • A list of currently active and latest DigitalOcean promo codes with applicable credit amounts, services, expiry dates and terms.
  • Step-by-step instructions to easily redeem codes as a new user, along with tips to maximize promotional savings.
  • One special offer that will give you free credits that is valid for 1 year.

These DigitalOcean promo codes will serve you as the ideal starting point to evaluate services and save on costs, whether you're a developer, student or a startup trying DigitalOcean services.

Before you activate any promo codes, you must first avail your $200 free credits by visiting the link below:

Activate DigitalOcean $200 Credits

List of Active Promo Codes (Updated)

After availing the initial offer, you can use any of the below listed promo and coupon codes to avail additional credits and discounts. Don't forget to activate your initial $200 offer here

Free Credit Code Discount
$200 Free Credit DIGITALOCEAN200
$100 Free Credit ACTIVATE10
$15 Free Credit DOPRODUCT15
$10 Free Credit DO10
AGMFO5O Paperspace Credit
25% Discount DOCYBER25
20% Discount GRECHEN20
Others UBUNTUDROPLET One month free $15 Managed Database

Promo Code Limitations and Terms

  1. Some codes are only valid for the new accounts.
  2. Only one promo code redemption allowed per user.
  3. Credits from some code will expire in 60 days post activation, while others will last up to a year.
  4. A valid payment method is required for offer activation.
  5. Promo credits cannot be refunded or transferred.

How to Apply a DigitalOcean Promo Code

Before you apply any promo code, make sure you have availed your first $200 free credit. This will allow you to get additional credits on top the free $200 credits.

For e.g. if you will use the $100 promo code you will get $200 + $100 = $300 of total credits, similarly using a $200 promo code you will get $200 + $200 = $400 of total credits.

  1. Go to the signup page and register with your email and password.
  2. Check inbox for confirmation email and click on the verification link.
  3. Navigate to the Billing section and enter a valid credit card number.
  4. Under Billing, find the "Have a Promo Code?" section.
  5. Copy and paste any of the promo code, coupon code or discount code and click on Apply.

Once applied, the promotion will activate and discounted credits will reflect automatically in your account!

Additional Promo Code Notes

  • Some codes gives more credits for an expensive or a specific droplet plan.
  • If a code doesn't work, open a support ticket. Staff will verify eligibility and manually apply credits if applicable.

Special DigitalOcean 1 Year Validity Offer

DigitalOcean provides students an exclusive $200 credit promo code valid for 1 year unlike the regular promo that comes with 60-day expiry, this gives you more flexibility in using the $200 credit for longer period.


  • Active student status verification needed

How to Get It:

  1. Apply for GitHub Student Pack
  2. Access DigitalOcean offer inside Pack
  3. Sign up at DigitalOcean with student email
  4. Verify details to redeem

More Cloud Promo Codes to Unlock Savings

If you are looking to try more service provider like DigitalOcean, you can explore savings on other cloud providers too like Cloudways, Vultr and Linode by using exclusive new user promo and coupon codes.

  • For Cloudways you can avail up to $30 free credit using these cloudways promo codes.
  • For Linode you can avail from $20 to $100 free credit using these linode promo codes.

The promo code and discount offers on these DigitalOcean alternatives can further help you maximize savings as you evaluate and compare cloud solutions for your needs.

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