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Enum containing states with abbreviations
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
public enum State {
ALABAMA("Alabama", "AL"), ALASKA("Alaska", "AK"), AMERICAN_SAMOA("American Samoa", "AS"), ARIZONA("Arizona", "AZ"), ARKANSAS(
"Arkansas", "AR"), CALIFORNIA("California", "CA"), COLORADO("Colorado", "CO"), CONNECTICUT("Connecticut", "CT"), DELAWARE(
"Federated States of Micronesia", "FM"), FLORIDA("Florida", "FL"), GEORGIA("Georgia", "GA"), GUAM("Guam", "GU"), HAWAII(
"Hawaii", "HI"), IDAHO("Idaho", "ID"), ILLINOIS("Illinois", "IL"), INDIANA("Indiana", "IN"), IOWA("Iowa", "IA"), KANSAS(
"Kansas", "KS"), KENTUCKY("Kentucky", "KY"), LOUISIANA("Louisiana", "LA"), MAINE("Maine", "ME"), MARYLAND("Maryland", "MD"), MARSHALL_ISLANDS(
"Marshall Islands", "MH"), MASSACHUSETTS("Massachusetts", "MA"), MICHIGAN("Michigan", "MI"), MINNESOTA("Minnesota", "MN"), MISSISSIPPI(
"Mississippi", "MS"), MISSOURI("Missouri", "MO"), MONTANA("Montana", "MT"), NEBRASKA("Nebraska", "NE"), NEVADA("Nevada",
"NV"), NEW_HAMPSHIRE("New Hampshire", "NH"), NEW_JERSEY("New Jersey", "NJ"), NEW_MEXICO("New Mexico", "NM"), NEW_YORK(
"New York", "NY"), NORTH_CAROLINA("North Carolina", "NC"), NORTH_DAKOTA("North Dakota", "ND"), NORTHERN_MARIANA_ISLANDS(
"Northern Mariana Islands", "MP"), OHIO("Ohio", "OH"), OKLAHOMA("Oklahoma", "OK"), OREGON("Oregon", "OR"), PALAU("Palau",
"PW"), PENNSYLVANIA("Pennsylvania", "PA"), PUERTO_RICO("Puerto Rico", "PR"), RHODE_ISLAND("Rhode Island", "RI"), SOUTH_CAROLINA(
"South Carolina", "SC"), SOUTH_DAKOTA("South Dakota", "SD"), TENNESSEE("Tennessee", "TN"), TEXAS("Texas", "TX"), UTAH(
"Utah", "UT"), VERMONT("Vermont", "VT"), VIRGIN_ISLANDS("Virgin Islands", "VI"), VIRGINIA("Virginia", "VA"), WASHINGTON(
"Washington", "WA"), WEST_VIRGINIA("West Virginia", "WV"), WISCONSIN("Wisconsin", "WI"), WYOMING("Wyoming", "WY"), UNKNOWN(
"Unknown", "");
* The state's name.
private String name;
* The state's abbreviation.
private String abbreviation;
* The set of states addressed by abbreviations.
private static final Map<String, State> STATES_BY_ABBR = new HashMap<String, State>();
/* static initializer */
static {
for (State state : values()) {
STATES_BY_ABBR.put(state.getAbbreviation(), state);
* Constructs a new state.
* @param name the state's name.
* @param abbreviation the state's abbreviation.
State(String name, String abbreviation) { = name;
this.abbreviation = abbreviation;
* Returns the state's abbreviation.
* @return the state's abbreviation.
public String getAbbreviation() {
return abbreviation;
* Gets the enum constant with the specified abbreviation.
* @param abbr the state's abbreviation.
* @return the enum constant with the specified abbreviation.
* @throws SunlightException if the abbreviation is invalid.
public static State valueOfAbbreviation(final String abbr) {
final State state = STATES_BY_ABBR.get(abbr);
if (state != null) {
return state;
} else {
return UNKNOWN;
public static State valueOfName(final String name) {
final String enumName = name.toUpperCase().replaceAll(" ", "_");
try {
return valueOf(enumName);
} catch (final IllegalArgumentException e) {
return State.UNKNOWN;
public String toString() {
return name;

AustinC commented Oct 27, 2014

Thanks Kerry. It would encourage reuse if you listed an explicit license.

AustinC commented Mar 18, 2015

Here is a public domain licensed version which includes ISO and ANSI abbreviations and parsing.

name and abbreviation should also be final

xinjteem commented Apr 7, 2017

Thanks a ton for this. :) made my day

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