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Created November 12, 2019 17:09
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doom emacs config dir .doom.d
;;; ~/.doom.d/config.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; To modify or add binding for existing modules use add-hook! or after! macros
;; HOTFIX for Emacs 26.1 and gnutls 3.6 - no longer needed?
;; (setq gnutls-algorithm-priority "NORMAL:-VERS-TLS1.3")
;;; UI
(when IS-LINUX
(font-put doom-font :weight 'semi-light))
(when IS-MAC
(setq ns-use-thin-smoothing t))
(setq doom-modeline-major-mode-icon t)
(setq doom-theme 'doom-outrun-electric)
;; (setq doom-font (font-spec :family "SauceCodePro Nerd Font" :size 18))
(setq doom-font (font-spec :family "FuraCode Nerd Font Mono" :size 18)
doom-variable-pitch-font (font-spec :family "Noto Sans" :size 18))
;;; Windows/Frames
(add-to-list 'default-frame-alist '(inhibit-double-buffering . t))
(when IS-MAC
(add-hook 'window-setup-hook #'toggle-frame-maximized))
;;; Keybinds
;; TODO Combine into single map! use
(map! :after forge
:map forge-post-mode-map
:n "ZZ" #'forge-post-submit
:n "ZQ" #'forge-post-cancel)
(map! :after forge
:map forge-topic-mode-map
"c" #'forge-create-post
:n "gy" #'forge-copy-url-at-point-as-kill
:n "go" #'forge-browse-dwim)
(map! :after forge
:map magit-status-mode-map
:n "gi" #'forge-jump-to-issues
:n "gp" #'forge-jump-to-pullreqs
:n "gy" #'forge-copy-url-at-point-as-kill
:n "go" #'magit-browse-thing)
;; TODO add mapping for forge-toggle-closed-visibility.
;; Place with dispatch: SPC g ' x ?, @ x ? (visual, normal states too)
;; NOTE how to customize dispatch menu?
(map! :leader
:after projectile
(:prefix "p"
:desc "Save Project Buffers" "s" #'projectile-save-project-buffers))
;; Bind to SPC f F - freshen file from disk
;; Source:
(defun revert-buffer-no-confirm ()
"Revert buffer without confirmation."
(revert-buffer :ignore-auto :noconfirm))
(map! :leader
(:prefix "f"
:desc "Refresh file from disk" "F" #'revert-buffer-no-confirm))
;; TODO rebind org-archive-subtree to SPC m h a ?
;; bindings for org-move-subtree-up, down, etc ?
;; (map! :localleader
;; :map org-mode-map
;; :after org
;; :desc "Archive subtree" "$" #'org-archive-subtree)
;;; Modules/Packages
;; Emoji Cheatsheet
;; (use-package! emoji-cheat-sheet-plus
;; :after (magit)
;; :config
;; (add-hook! 'magit-status-mode-hook 'emoji-cheat-sheet-plus-display-mode)
;; (add-hook! 'magit-log-mode-hook 'emoji-cheat-sheet-plus-display-mode))
;; (map! :leader
;; :after emoji-cheat-sheet-plus
;; (:prefix "i"
;; :desc "Insert emoji" "e" #'emoji-cheat-sheet-plus-insert))
;; Kubernetes.el
;; TODO Fix kubeconfig handling with iam-authenticator
;; :init config? is :defer-incrementally useful here?
(use-package! kubernetes
(setq kubernetes-poll-frequency 3600
kubernetes-redraw-frequency 3600))
(use-package! kubernetes-evil
:when (featurep! :editor evil +everywhere)
:after kubernetes)
;; TODO any more keybindings ?
(map! :leader
:after kubernetes
(:prefix "o"
:desc "Kubernetes status" "k" #'kubernetes-overview))
;; Org mode
;; (setq org-ellipsis " ▼ "
;; org-mobile-directory "~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg"
;; org-agenda-files '("~/org/"
;; "~/org/"
;; "~/org/"
;; ;; "~/org/"))
(after! org
(add-hook! 'org-mode-hook 'emoji-cheat-sheet-plus-display-mode)
(add-to-list 'org-modules 'org-habit t))
;; Cloudformation mode
(define-derived-mode cfn-mode yaml-mode
"Cloudformation template mode.")
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '(".template\\'" . cfn-mode))
(after! flycheck
(flycheck-define-checker cfn-lint
"A Cloudformation linter using cfn-python-lint.
See URL ''."
:command ("cfn-lint" "-f" "parseable" source)
:error-patterns ((warning line-start (file-name) ":" line ":" column
":" (one-or-more digit) ":" (one-or-more digit) ":"
(id "W" (one-or-more digit)) ":" (message) line-end)
(error line-start (file-name) ":" line ":" column
":" (one-or-more digit) ":" (one-or-more digit) ":"
(id "E" (one-or-more digit)) ":" (message) line-end))
:modes (cfn-mode))
(add-to-list 'flycheck-checkers 'cfn-lint))
;; Spotify controls
(use-package! counsel-spotify
:after (counsel))
(map! :leader
(:prefix ("o" . "open")
(:prefix ("s" . "Spotify control")
:desc "play/pause" "SPC" #'counsel-spotify-toggle-play-pause
:desc "next" "l" #'counsel-spotify-next
:desc "previous" "h" #'counsel-spotify-previous)))
;; Typopunct - insert proper typographical punctuation when writing
(use-package! typopunct)
(map! :desc "Typopunct" :n "SPC t t" #'typopunct-mode)
(defun sme-markdown-mode-config ()
"Enforce customized settings for markdown mode and enable typopunct"
(set-fill-column 80)
(typopunct-change-language 'english t)
(typopunct-mode 1)
;; (setq-local comment-use-syntax nil) ;; usefulness is questionable
(add-hook! 'markdown-mode-hook 'sme-markdown-mode-config)
(add-hook! 'gfm-mode-hook 'sme-markdown-mode-config)
;;; Edit Server
;; Edit with emacs, supports editing textareas from FF in Emacs
;; TODO add hook after edit-server-edit minor mode to turn on autofilll/spellcheck/evil bindings
;; NOTE customize based on buffer type? html email vs markdown vs text
(use-package! edit-server
;; (map! :map edit-server-edit-mode-map
;; "ZZ" #'edit-server-done
;; "ZQ" #'edit-server-abort)
(pushnew! auto-mode-alist
'("\\.tmpl\\'" . web-mode))
(setq web-mode-engines-alist
'(("go" . "\\.tmpl\\'")))
;; Non git tracked local settings
(load! "+local")
;; Finally, keep my configs clean
(setq-default custom-file (concat doom-private-dir "+custom.el"))
(load! "+custom")
;; Local Variables:
;; flycheck-disabled-checkers: (emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not free-vars)
;; End:
;;; init.el -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copy this file to ~/.doom.d/init.el or ~/.config/doom/init.el ('doom
;; quickstart' will do this for you). The `doom!' block below controls what
;; modules are enabled and in what order they will be loaded. Remember to run
;; 'doom refresh' after modifying it.
;; More information about these modules (and what flags they support) can be
;; found in modules/
(doom! :input
company ; the ultimate code completion backend
;;helm ; the *other* search engine for love and life
;;ido ; the other *other* search engine...
ivy ; a search engine for love and life
;;deft ; notational velocity for Emacs
doom ; what makes DOOM look the way it does
doom-dashboard ; a nifty splash screen for Emacs
;;doom-quit ; DOOM quit-message prompts when you quit Emacs
;;fill-column ; a `fill-column' indicator
hl-todo ; highlight TODO/FIXME/NOTE tags
;;indent-guides ; highlighted indent columns
modeline ; snazzy, Atom-inspired modeline, plus API
nav-flash ; blink the current line after jumping
;;neotree ; a project drawer, like NERDTree for vim
ophints ; highlight the region an operation acts on
(popup ; tame sudden yet inevitable temporary windows
+all ; catch all popups that start with an asterix
+defaults) ; default popup rules
pretty-code ; replace bits of code with pretty symbols
;;tabbar ; FIXME an (incomplete) tab bar for Emacs
treemacs ; a project drawer, like neotree but coole
;;unicode ; extended unicode support for various languages
vc-gutter ; vcs diff in the fringe
vi-tilde-fringe ; fringe tildes to mark beyond EOB
window-select ; visually switch windows
workspaces ; tab emulation, persistence & separate workspaces
(evil +everywhere); come to the dark side, we have cookies
file-templates ; auto-snippets for empty files
fold ; (nigh) universal code folding
(format +onsave) ; automated prettiness
;;lispy ; vim for lisp, for people who dont like vim
multiple-cursors ; editing in many places at once
;;objed ; text object editing for the innocent
;;parinfer ; turn lisp into python, sort of
rotate-text ; cycle region at point between text candidates
snippets ; my elves. They type so I don't have to
(dired ; making dired pretty [functional]
;;+ranger ; bringing the goodness of ranger to dired
+icons) ; colorful icons for dired-mode
electric ; smarter, keyword-based electric-indent
vc ; version-control and Emacs, sitting in a tree
;;eshell ; a consistent, cross-platform shell (WIP)
shell ; a terminal REPL for Emacs
;;term ; terminals in Emacs
;;vterm ; another terminals in Emacs
;;debugger ; FIXME stepping through code, to help you add bugs
editorconfig ; let someone else argue about tabs vs spaces
;;ein ; tame Jupyter notebooks with emacs
eval ; run code, run (also, repls)
flycheck ; tasing you for every semicolon you forget
flyspell ; tasing you for misspelling mispelling
;;gist ; interacting with github gists
(lookup ; helps you navigate your code and documentation
+docsets) ; ...or in Dash docsets locally
macos ; MacOS-specific commands
magit ; a git porcelain for Emacs
make ; run make tasks from Emacs
;;pass ; password manager for nerds
;;pdf ; pdf enhancements
;;prodigy ; FIXME managing external services & code builders
;;rgb ; creating color strings
terraform ; infrastructure as code
;;tmux ; an API for interacting with tmux
;;upload ; map local to remote projects via ssh/ftp
;;agda ; types of types of types of types...
;;assembly ; assembly for fun or debugging
;;cc ; C/C++/Obj-C madness
;;clojure ; java with a lisp
;;common-lisp ; if you've seen one lisp, you've seen them all
;;coq ; proofs-as-programs
;;crystal ; ruby at the speed of c
;;csharp ; unity, .NET, and mono shenanigans
data ; config/data formats
;;erlang ; an elegant language for a more civilized age
;;elixir ; erlang done right
;;elm ; care for a cup of TEA?
emacs-lisp ; drown in parentheses
;;ess ; emacs speaks statistics
;;fsharp ; ML stands for Microsoft's Language
(go +lsp) ; the hipster dialect
;;(haskell +intero) ; a language that's lazier than I am
;;hy ; readability of scheme w/ speed of python
;;idris ;
;;(java +meghanada) ; the poster child for carpal tunnel syndrome
;;javascript ; all(hope(abandon(ye(who(enter(here))))))
;;julia ; a better, faster MATLAB
;;kotlin ; a better, slicker Java(Script)
;;latex ; writing papers in Emacs has never been so fun
;;ledger ; an accounting system in Emacs
;;lua ; one-based indices? one-based indices
markdown ; writing docs for people to ignore
;;nim ; python + lisp at the speed of c
;;nix ; I hereby declare "nix geht mehr!"
;;ocaml ; an objective camel
(org ; organize your plain life in plain text
;; +dragndrop ; file drag & drop support
;; +ipython ; ipython support for babel
+pandoc ; pandoc integration into org's exporter
+present) ; using Emacs for presentations
;;perl ; write code no one else can comprehend
;;php ; perl's insecure younger brother
;;plantuml ; diagrams for confusing people more
;;purescript ; javascript, but functional
;; (python
;; +pyenv) ; beautiful is better than ugly
;;qt ; the 'cutest' gui framework ever
;;racket ; a DSL for DSLs
;;rest ; Emacs as a REST client
ruby ; 1.step {|i| p "Ruby is #{i.even? ? 'love' : 'life'}"}
rust ; Fe2O3.unwrap().unwrap().unwrap().unwrap()
;;scala ; java, but good
;;scheme ; a fully conniving family of lisps
sh ; she sells {ba,z,fi}sh shells on the C xor
;;solidity ; do you need a blockchain? No.
;;swift ; who asked for emoji variables?
;;terra ; Earth and Moon in alignment for performance.
+css) ; the tubes
;;vala ; GObjective-C
;;(mu4e +gmail) ; WIP
;;notmuch ; WIP
;;(wanderlust +gmail) ; WIP
;; Applications are complex and opinionated modules that transform Emacs
;; toward a specific purpose. They may have additional dependencies and
;; should be loaded late.
;;irc ; how neckbeards socialize
;;(rss +org) ; emacs as an RSS reader
;;twitter ; twitter client
;; (write ; emacs as a word processor (latex + org + markdown)
;; +wordnut ; wordnet (wn) search
;; +langtool) ; a proofreader (grammar/style check) for Emacs
;;floobits ; peer programming for a price
;;impatient-mode ; show off code over HTTP
;; For literate config users. This will tangle+compile a
;; literate config in your `doom-private-dir' whenever it changes.
;; The default module sets reasonable defaults for Emacs. It also
;; provides a Spacemacs-inspired keybinding scheme and a smartparens
;; config. Use it as a reference for your own modules.
(default +bindings +smartparens))
;; (with-eval-after-load 'gnutls
;; (add-to-list 'gnutls-trustfiles "/usr/local/etc/libressl/cert.pem"))
;; Local Variables:
;; flycheck-disabled-checkers: (emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
;; End:
;; -*- no-byte-compile: t; -*-
;;; ~/.doom.d/packages.el
(package! kubernetes)
(when (featurep! :editor evil +everywhere)
(package! kubernetes-evil))
(package! emoji-cheat-sheet-plus)
(package! counsel-spotify)
(package! typopunct :recipe (:host github :repo "emacsmirror/typopunct" :files (:defaults "*")))
(package! edit-server)
;; Local Variables:
;; flycheck-disabled-checkers: (emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
;; End:
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