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Created May 18, 2015
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Xmonad conf
import XMonad
import XMonad.Config.Gnome
import XMonad.Util.EZConfig
import XMonad.Actions.CycleWindows
import XMonad.Actions.RotSlaves
import XMonad.Actions.Submap
import XMonad.Layout.Tabbed
import XMonad.Layout.Circle
import XMonad.Layout.ThreeColumns
import XMonad.Actions.CycleWS
import XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens
import XMonad.Prompt
import XMonad.Prompt.Ssh
import XMonad.Prompt.Window
import XMonad.Prompt.Workspace
import XMonad.Prompt.Input
import XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaces
import XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks
import XMonad.Hooks.FadeInactive
import qualified XMonad.StackSet as W
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Data.List
import Data.Function
main = do
xmonad $ gnomeConfig `additionalKeys` [((mod4Mask, xK_p), spawn "synapse"),
((mod4Mask, xK_Up), rotAllUp),
((mod4Mask, xK_Down), rotAllDown),
((mod4Mask, xK_Left), rotAllUp),
((mod4Mask, xK_Right), rotAllDown),
((mod4Mask, xK_space), sendMessage NextLayout),
((mod4Mask .|. mod1Mask, xK_Up), windows W.focusUp),
((mod4Mask .|. mod1Mask, xK_Down), windows W.focusDown),
((mod4Mask .|. mod1Mask, xK_Left), windows W.focusUp),
((mod4Mask .|. mod1Mask, xK_Right), windows W.focusDown),
((mod4Mask, xK_m), windows W.focusMaster),
((mod4Mask .|. shiftMask, xK_c), kill),
((mod4Mask, xK_t), spawn "gnome-terminal")
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