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RobertAKARobin /
Last active July 8, 2024 11:29
Safari's date-picker is the cause of 1/3 of our customer support issues

Safari's date-picker is the cause of 1/3 of our customer support issues

...and obviously we're building a workaround. But I'm absolutely flabbergasted that a standard <input type="date"> HTML field, in a standard browser, from a company that bases its reputation good design, could be so dreadful.

The context

I'm the developer for a startup that sells a genetic test to recommend medications for high blood pressure. For medical reasons we need to know our customers' birth date. Most of our customers are in their 60s or older. We've found that many of them use iPads or iPhones. And they're the ones who complain to our customer support that our site is unusable.

The problem

danieldogeanu /
Last active July 22, 2024 22:17
How to make Powershell remember the SSH key passphrase.

You should not use the Open SSH client that comes with Git for Windows. Instead, Windows 10 has its own implementation of Open SSH that is integrated with the system. To achieve this:

  1. Start the ssh-agent from Windows Services:
  • Type Services in the Start Menu or Win+R and then type services.msc to launch the Services window;
  • Find the OpenSSH Authentication Agent in the list and double click on it;
  • In the OpenSSH Authentication Agent Properties window that appears, choose Automatic from the Startup type: dropdown and click Start from Service status:. Make sure it now says Service status: Running.
  1. Configure Git to use the Windows 10 implementation of OpenSSH by issuing the following command in Powershell:
git config --global core.sshCommand C:/Windows/System32/OpenSSH/ssh.exe
extcode / FrontendUserHook.php
Created February 25, 2018 13:28
prefill Order\Address with TYPO3 FrontendUser data
namespace Excode\CartExt\Hooks;
class FrontendUserHook
* @param array &$parameters
public function showCartActionAfterCartWasLoaded(&$parameters, $refObj)
tobek / get-image-urls.js
Last active July 18, 2024 17:22
Save images from chrome inspector/dev tools network tab
/* open up chrome dev tools (Menu > More tools > Developer tools)
* go to network tab, refresh the page, wait for images to load (on some sites you may have to scroll down to the images for them to start loading)
* right click/ctrl click on any entry in the network log, select Copy > Copy All as HAR
* open up JS console and enter: var har = [paste]
* (pasting could take a while if there's a lot of requests)
* paste the following JS code into the console
* copy the output, paste into a text file
* open up a terminal in same directory as text file, then: wget -i [that file]