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Tiffany Brown webinista

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webinista / mode.php
Created Jun 22, 2019
find the mode of an array using PHP
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function array_mode($$arr) {
Count the frequency of occurrence of values in the array.
This will make each duration value into a key, with its frequency as the
$counts = array_count_values($$arr);
Get all of the count values and find the unique values, then sort them,
webinista / isNumeric.js
Created May 29, 2019
isNumeric function for JavaScript
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// Simple way to check whether a particular value is numeric. Saving it here so that I don't have to solve it twice.
const isNumeric = (value) => {
return !Number.isNaN(parseFloat(value,10));
webinista / flatten2d.php
Created Apr 12, 2019
Flatten a two-dimensional PHP array
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function flatten2d($multi_dimensional_array) {
$flattened = [];
$flatten = function($value, $index) {
global $flattened;
array_push($flattened, $value);
array_walk_recursive($multi_dimensional_array, $flatten);
return $flattened;
webinista / iso8601ToSeconds.php
Created Dec 13, 2018
PHP: Convert an ISO 8601 duration / date (Such as the one YouTube uses) interval to seconds
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function iso8601ToSeconds($input) {
$duration = new DateInterval($input);
$hours_to_seconds = $duration->h * 60 * 60;
$minutes_to_seconds = $duration->i * 60;
$seconds = $duration->s;
return $hours_to_seconds + $minutes_to_seconds + $seconds;
webinista / youtubeduration.php
Created Dec 7, 2018
Make YouTube API duration readable using PHP
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PHP function for converting an ISO8601 duration (the kind used by YouTube's API)
to something more readable.
$duration = new DateInterval($duration);
return $duration->format('%H:%I:%S');
webinista /
Last active May 27, 2020
PycURL error: ConfigurationError: Curl is configured to use SSL, but we have not been able to determine which SSL backend it is using. Please see PycURL documentation for how to specify the SSL backend manually.

Partly pulled from the comments here:

May also be a fix for this error:

ImportError: pycurl: libcurl link-time ssl backend (none/other) is different from compile-time ssl backend (openssl)

If you try to install PycURL and receive this error:

webinista / DialogModal.jsx
Last active Oct 4, 2018
A work-in-progress React component for modals. Uses the <dialog> element.
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DialogModal. Depends on the presence of dialog-polyfill.js
and dialog-polyfill.css with the page in non-Chrome browsers.
MIT licensed.
import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
View Using Python 3 on macOS
Writing this as a note to myself :-)
Install a Python 3 binary from, then add the path to that Python binary
(e.g. /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/bin) to your /etc/paths file.
webinista / ucfirst.js
Created Jul 4, 2018
Uppercase the first letter of a word with JavaScript
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function ucfirst(word) {
const wordarray = word.split('');
wordarray[0] = wordarray[0].toUpperCase();
return wordarray.join('');
webinista / range.js
Last active Apr 13, 2018
Get a range of numbers that includes the min and max values. Integers only.
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const range = (min, max) => {
const diff = max - min;
const spread = [...Array(diff).keys()].map(n => {return n + min});
return spread;
// Example usage
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