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-- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Host:
-- Server version: 5.5.36 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
-- Server OS: Win64
-- HeidiSQL Version:
-- --------------------------------------------------------
/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */;
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// data importer
// this was made in the early days of steem
// a lot of things are wrong in it:
// how it doesnt use steemjs (it uses a super old module called steem rpc)
// the way it refreshes every existing accounts without priority for active accounts
// the way it stores the data (especially the history table)
// the way it counts followers (theres a much better API function for it now)
// it doesnt count delegation numbers
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#To Get List of Hardware
sudo networksetup -listallhardwareports
#To Disable IPv6 on Wifi Adapter
sudo networksetup -setv6off wi-fi
#To Disable IPv6 on Built-in Ethernet Adapter
sudo networksetup -setv6off Ethernet
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cask_args appdir: '/Applications'
# 1 taps
# homebrew dupes
tap 'homebrew/dupes'
# homebrew versions
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Ask for the administrator password upfront
echo 'Please enter your password to grant sudo-rights:'
sudo -v
echo 'Empty the Trash on all mounted volumes and the main HDD...'
sudo rm -rfv /Volumes/*/.Trashes &>/dev/null
sudo rm -rfv ~/.Trash &>/dev/null
sudo du -gxd 5 / | awk '$1 >= 5{print}'
cd ~/Dev
du -d 1 -h
find . -name "node_modules" -print -exec rm -rf {} ";"

Setup OSX 10.X with a Clean Install

About once a year, my machine gets pretty sluggish and it's time to start fresh. Here's the process I use to update it with everything I need.

1. Start with a Fresh Install of OS X

  • Back up all photos, music, apps, iTunes library, keychains, etc.
  • Deauthorize iTunes and Photoshop.
  • Deactivate CleanMyMac 3 license.
  • 1Password, Dropbox, Evenote sync