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weex / gist:786d387318fa64e7fe69807aa94d18f3
Created September 20, 2023 16:50 build log
2023-09-20T16:20:51Z Building in Docker Cloud's infrastructure...
2023-09-20T16:20:52Z Cloning into '.'...
2023-09-20T16:20:52Z Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
2023-09-20T16:21:14Z Reset branch 'main'
2023-09-20T16:21:14Z Your branch is up to date with 'origin/main'.
2023-09-20T16:21:14Z KernelVersion: 5.4.0-1068-aws
2023-09-20T16:21:14Z Components: [{u'Version': u'20.10.15', u'Name': u'Engine', u'Details': {u'KernelVersion': u'5.4.0-1068-aws', u'Os': u'linux', u'BuildTime': u'2022-05-05T13:17:24.000000000+00:00', u'ApiVersion': u'1.41', u'MinAPIVersion': u'1.12', u'GitCommit': u'4433bf6', u'Arch': u'amd64', u'Experimental': u'false', u'GoVersion': u'go1.17.9'}}, {u'Version': u'1.6.21', u'Name': u'containerd', u'Details': {u'GitCommit': u'3dce8eb055cbb6872793272b4f20ed16117344f8'}}, {u'Version': u'1.1.7', u'Name': u'runc', u'Details': {u'GitCommit': u'v1.1.7-0-g860f061'}}, {u'Version': u'0.19.0', u'Name': u'docker-init', u'Details': {u'GitC
weex / gist:a0b612542cff287386d978b7aca0e30f
Created February 25, 2022 23:45
fedi-trutroots error
$ NODE_ENV=production npm run build
> trustroots@0.3.3 build
> npm run clean:public && NODE_ENV=production npm run generate-circle-images && NODE_ENV=production npm run webpack && NODE_ENV=production npm run webpack:service-worker
> trustroots@0.3.3 clean:public
> rm -fr ./public/dist ./public/assets ./public/push-messaging-sw.js
22:36:19 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:19.662Z pid=12137 tid=1i41 class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=c644618f343a0c0fec053095 INFO: start
22:36:19 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:19.663Z pid=12137 tid=1yul class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=924bd7a6326cc00c78e24514 INFO: start
22:36:19 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:19.663Z pid=12137 tid=1yup class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=235ce16a14a423b36cd2c0c6 INFO: start
22:36:19 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:19.663Z pid=12137 tid=1yth class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=49e5b5b6f315ad60d3ee1cbe INFO: start
22:36:19 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:19.664Z pid=12137 tid=1yll class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=d89a3adea87bb36bf7ce4644 INFO: start
22:36:20 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:20.194Z pid=12137 tid=1yll class=Chewy::Strategy::Sidekiq::Worker jid=d89a3adea87bb36bf7ce4644 elapsed=0.53 INFO: fail
22:36:20 sidekiq.1 | 2022-01-04T22:36:20.195Z pid=12137 tid=1yll WARN: {"context":"Job raised exception","job":{"retry":true,"queue":"pull","c
$ docker-compose logs -f web
Attaching to ecko_web_1
web_1 | bundler: failed to load command: rails (/opt/mastodon/bin/rails)
web_1 | /opt/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/bundler-2.3.4/lib/bundler/definition.rb:489:in `materialize': Could not find pkg-config-1.4.6, puma-5.5.1, rails-, sprockets-3.7.2, thor-1.1.0, rack-2.2.3, hamlit-rails-0.2.3, pg-1.2.3, makara-0.5.1, pghero-2.8.1, dotenv-rails-2.7.6, aws-sdk-s3-1.102.0, fog-core-2.1.0, fog-openstack-0.3.10, paperclip-6.0.0, blurhash-0.1.5, active_model_serializers-0.10.12, addressable-2.8.0, bootsnap-1.8.1, browser-4.2.0, charlock_holmes-0.7.7, iso-639-0.3.5, chewy-5.2.0, cld3-3.4.2, devise-4.8.0, devise-two-factor-4.0.1, net-ldap-0.17.0, omniauth-cas-2.0.0, omniauth-saml-1.10.3, gitlab-omniauth-openid-connect-0.5.0, omniauth-1.9.1, omniauth-rails_csrf_protection-0.1.2, color_diff-0.1, discard-1.2.0, doorkeeper-5.5.2, ed25519-1.2.4, fast_blank-1.0.1, fastimage-2.2.5, hiredis-0.6.3, redis-namespace-1.8.1, htmlentities-4.3.4, http-5.0.2, htt
weex / gist:abe5b05214067e92936b5207c50744d5
Created December 27, 2021 01:49
logcat of virocommunity/starter-kit
12-26 17:47:18.078 2015 2043 E memtrack: Couldn't load memtrack module
12-26 17:47:18.078 2015 2043 W android.os.Debug: failed to get memory consumption info: -1
12-26 17:47:21.039 2015 2853 I ActivityManager: Killing (adj 985): empty #17
12-26 17:47:21.115 1749 1749 I Zygote : Process 4781 exited due to signal 9 (Killed)
12-26 17:47:21.131 2015 2046 I libprocessgroup: Successfully killed process cgroup uid 10127 pid 4781 in 83ms
12-26 17:47:23.039 3004 3208 I MicroDetectionWorker: #startMicroDetector [speakerMode: 0]
12-26 17:47:23.042 3004 3208 W ErrorReporter: reportError [type: 211, code: 393244, bug: 0]: errorCode: 393244, engine: 0
12-26 17:47:23.043 3004 3208 I MicroDetector: Keeping mic open: false
12-26 17:47:23.043 3004 3208 I MicroDetectionWorker: #onError(false)
12-26 17:47:28.047 3004 3208 I MicroDetectionWorker: #startMicroDetector [speakerMode: 0]
weex / gist:35264ae779914f5fac3d7a6a7ecea0a0
Created December 27, 2021 00:28
AwesomeProject... npx react-native run-android
dsterry@ walter ~/code () $ cd AwesomeProject/
dsterry@ walter ~/code/AwesomeProject () $ npx react-native run-android
info Running jetifier to migrate libraries to AndroidX. You can disable it using "--no-jetifier" flag.
Jetifier found 870 file(s) to forward-jetify. Using 12 workers...
info Starting JS server...
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
info Launching emulator...
error Failed to launch emulator. Reason: No emulators found as an output of `emulator -list-avds`.
warn Please launch an emulator manually or connect a device. Otherwise app may fail to launch.
weex /
Created December 27, 2021 00:15
after installing android studio
$ npx react-native run-android
info Running jetifier to migrate libraries to AndroidX. You can disable it using "--no-jetifier" flag.
error Failed to run jetifier.
Error: Cannot find module 'signal-exit'
Require stack:
- /Users/dsterry/code/viro-starter/node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/node_modules/execa/index.js
- /Users/dsterry/code/viro-starter/node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/build/commands/runAndroid/index.js
- /Users/dsterry/code/viro-starter/node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/build/commands/index.js
- /Users/dsterry/code/viro-starter/node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-android/build/index.js
weex / gist:a38b96e5f38bd8cab62cacecb75922cc
Created December 14, 2021 23:22
ecko error on docker install
$ docker-compose logs web
Attaching to mastodon_web_1
web_1 | bundler: failed to load command: rails (/opt/mastodon/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.7.0/bin/rails)
web_1 | /opt/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/bundler-2.2.33/lib/bundler.rb:663:in `rescue in eval_gemspec': (Bundler::GemspecError)
web_1 | [!] There was an error while loading `ecko-plugins.gemspec`: No such file or directory - git. Bundler cannot continue.
web_1 |
web_1 | # from /opt/mastodon/gems/ecko-plugins/ecko-plugins.gemspec:33
web_1 | # -------------------------------------------
web_1 | # spec.files = Dir.chdir(File.expand_path('..', __FILE__)) do
web_1 | > `git ls-files -z`.split("\\x0").reject { |f| f.match(%r{^(test|spec|features)/}) }
weex / gist:b4584b7d1d9be769e980c2d78f4cab7b
Created December 10, 2021 09:16
ecko install time on YunoHost
2021-12-10T00:48:44-0800 Installing ecko...
2021-12-10T00:48:44-0800 [+...................] > Validating installation parameters...
2021-12-10T00:48:45-0800 [#+..................] > Storing installation settings...
2021-12-10T00:48:45-0800 [##+.................] > Finding an available port...
2021-12-10T00:48:45-0800 [###+................] > Installing dependencies...
2021-12-10T00:49:01-0800 '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ecko.asc' wasn't deleted because it doesn't exist.
2021-12-10T00:49:03-0800 rbenv already seems installed in `/opt/rbenv/bin/rbenv'.
2021-12-10T00:49:03-0800 Trying to update with git...
2021-12-10T00:49:04-0800 `rbenv install' command already available in `/opt/rbenv/plugins/ruby-build/bin/rbenv-install'.
2021-12-10T00:49:04-0800 Trying to update rbenv with git...
weex / gist:c29470261e8041fa7ce6e948ea01b653
Created December 10, 2021 03:22
acropolis install time on YunoHost
2021-12-09T15:33:42-0800 Installing acropolis...
2021-12-09T15:33:42-0800 [....................] > Validating installation parameters... [00h00m,00s]
2021-12-09T15:33:43-0800 [+...................] > Storing installation settings... [00h00m,01s]
2021-12-09T15:33:43-0800 [#+..................] > Finding an available port... [00h00m,00s]
2021-12-09T15:33:43-0800 [##+.................] > Installing dependencies... [00h00m,00s]
2021-12-09T15:33:53-0800 rbenv already seems installed in `/opt/rbenv/bin/rbenv'.
2021-12-09T15:33:53-0800 Trying to update with git...
2021-12-09T15:33:54-0800 `rbenv install' command already available in `/opt/rbenv/plugins/ruby-build/bin/rbenv-install'.
2021-12-09T15:33:55-0800 Trying to update rbenv with git...
2021-12-09T15:33:56-0800 `rbenv alias' command already available in `/opt/rbenv/plugins/rbenv-aliase/bin/rbenv-alias'.