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Deliver value within Azure without spending a penny!

Delivering Value without Spending a Penny!




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Great Learning Blocks

Microsoft Azure Resources

The following is a list of resources that are useful to learn more about how to cut costs in the cloud and specifically Azure.

Azure Policy - helps to enforce rules and effects for your resources. Two common policies I have customers set up in their initial stages of adopting the cloud is to restrict some of the really expensive compute SKUs and block regions that people shouldn't be deploying to because of compliance or design reasons.

Resource Tags- act like labels on your resources, you can create these labels how you need them. Common ones I see customers set up are things like Owner, Cost Code, Environment, Deployed Date. Simple but effective, so anyone looking at that resource, either to troubleshoot or understand why it's been deployed can see info and point them in the right direction.

Azure Cost Management - Everyone wants to be able to understand and control their bills whether that be household bills or Cloud resources. Utilising Azure Cost Management to monitor and understand your spend can help you control those costs.

Azure Advisor - Azure Advisor is a great service that can give recommendations on how to improve and cost save across your Azure environments.

Azure Update Management - Patching servers is something that needs to be done in all organisations, the AUM service helps to make it a bit easier by providing the mechanism to do that without having to maintain a seperate server to manage your patching.

The best bit about the resources listed above is they are either entirely free or there is a free tier you can utilise to learn and evaluate on.

Azure Solutions

Conversational Chatbot for Reservations -

Decentralized Trust between banks on Azure -

An e-commerce front end on Azure -

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