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Created February 18, 2014 06:54
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This is an example ABAP program which sends an HTML email from SAP system. It includes an image which is uploaded via transaction SMW0
*& Report YMAIL
REPORT ymail.
"Image to Xstring Table form
DATA : lv_obj_len TYPE so_obj_len,
lv_graphic_length TYPE tdlength,
gr_xstr TYPE xstring,
lv_offset TYPE i,
lv_length TYPE i,
lv_diff TYPE i,
ls_solix TYPE solix,
lt_solix TYPE solix_tab.
*Attach image to HTML body
DATA: lv_filename TYPE string,
lv_content_id TYPE string,
lt_soli TYPE soli_tab,
ls_soli TYPE soli.
*Class for cobining HMTL & Image
DATA : lo_mime_helper TYPE REF TO cl_gbt_multirelated_service.
*BCS class for sending mail
DATA: lo_bcs TYPE REF TO cl_bcs,
lo_doc_bcs TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs,
lo_sender TYPE REF TO if_sender_bcs,
lo_recipient TYPE REF TO if_recipient_bcs,
lv_subject TYPE so_obj_des.
* Data Declaration
DATA: lfd_xstring TYPE xstring,
lfd_objid TYPE w3objid,
lv_obkey TYPE wwwdatatab,
lt_mime_raw TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF w3mime,
ls_mime_raw TYPE w3mime.
* Import the Image File, these are maintained in transaction SMW0
lv_obkey-objid = 'ZUCT_ROUND_LOGO'.
lv_obkey-relid = 'MI'.
key = lv_obkey
mime = lt_mime_raw
wrong_object_type = 1
import_error = 2
*... build a long xstring
IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
LOOP AT lt_mime_raw INTO ls_mime_raw.
CONCATENATE lfd_xstring ls_mime_raw-line INTO lfd_xstring IN BYTE MODE.
*... split xstring into lt_solix table (which is need for email)
CLEAR gr_xstr.
lv_obj_len = xstrlen( lfd_xstring ).
lv_graphic_length = xstrlen( lfd_xstring ).
gr_xstr = lfd_xstring(lv_obj_len).
lv_offset = 0.
lv_length = 255.
CLEAR lt_solix[].
WHILE lv_offset < lv_graphic_length.
lv_diff = lv_graphic_length - lv_offset.
IF lv_diff > lv_length.
ls_solix-line = gr_xstr+lv_offset(lv_length).
ls_solix-line = gr_xstr+lv_offset(lv_diff).
APPEND ls_solix TO lt_solix.
ADD lv_length TO lv_offset.
*Attach image to HTML body
lv_filename = 'UCT_LOGO.gif'.
lv_content_id = 'UCT_LOGO.gif'.
CREATE OBJECT lo_mime_helper.
CALL METHOD lo_mime_helper->add_binary_part
content = lt_solix "Xstring in table form
filename = lv_filename "file name to be given to image
extension = 'GIF' "type of file
description = 'Graphic in GIF format' "description
content_type = 'image/gif' "content type / Mime type. If mime type not present in system then need to add through tcode : SMW0
length = lv_obj_len "length of image
content_id = lv_content_id. "content id would be used in html part
*... create the HTML content for the body of the email
REFRESH lt_soli[].
CLEAR ls_soli.
ls_soli = '<html xmlns="" xmlns:xfa=""><head></head>'.
APPEND ls_soli TO lt_soli.
CLEAR ls_soli.
ls_soli = '<body>'.
APPEND ls_soli TO lt_soli.
CLEAR ls_soli.
CONCATENATE '<p>Dear Warren<br>' ' ' INTO ls_soli SEPARATED BY space.
APPEND ls_soli TO lt_soli.
CLEAR ls_soli.
ls_soli = '<br><img alt="company logo" src="cid:UCT_LOGO.gif" /><br>'.
APPEND ls_soli TO lt_soli.
CLEAR ls_soli.
CONCATENATE '<br>Regards</p></body>' '</html>' INTO ls_soli SEPARATED BY space.
APPEND ls_soli TO lt_soli.
*... set the HTML with description
CALL METHOD lo_mime_helper->set_main_html
content = lt_soli
filename = 'message.htm' "filename for HMTL form
description = 'Email message'. "Title
"Create HTML using BCS class and attach html and image part to it.
lv_subject = 'This is a test email for including graphics'. "subject
lo_doc_bcs = cl_document_bcs=>create_from_multirelated(
i_subject = lv_subject
i_multirel_service = lo_mime_helper ).
lo_bcs = cl_bcs=>create_persistent( ).
"Create Document
lo_bcs->set_document( i_document = lo_doc_bcs ).
"create Sender
lo_sender = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( '' ).
* Set sender
i_sender = lo_sender ).
"Create Recipient
lo_recipient = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( i_address_string = '' ).
lo_bcs->add_recipient( i_recipient = lo_recipient ).
lo_bcs->send( ).
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sureshguttula83 commented Feb 23, 2018

Image not appears in mail body and moreover , converted as a attachment

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