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@wenLiangcan wenLiangcan/cmds.txt forked from wong2/cmds.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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在 Android 微信 6.1+ 任意聊天窗口中输入。 [ ]表示后面要跟一个空格(可能还需要别的参数才能生效)
//busiluck[ ]
//newyearsw[ ]
//makemsgdata[ ]
//profile[ ]
//remittance reset
//wv[ ]
//wvlocal[ ]
//qzone[ ]
//testlocalhtml[ ]
//gallery[ ]
//tgs[ ]
//emoji[ ]
//share[ ]
//dumpappinfoblob[ ]
//googleauth[ ]
//makesnsdata[ ]
//setsnsupload[ ]
//changeframe[ ]
//abtest[ ]
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