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Last active October 22, 2020 18:27
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AlpineLinux netboot initrd missing ext4 module
# download firecracker
latest=$(basename $(curl -fsSLI -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective}
curl -LOJ${latest}/firecracker-${latest}-$(uname -m)
mv firecracker-${latest}-$(uname -m) firecracker
chmod +x firecracker
# download netbook kernel and initrd
curl --remote-name-all -LC-{modloop,vmlinuz,config,initramfs}-virt
# vmlinux
curl -LOC-
chmod +x extract-vmlinux
./extract-vmlinux $PWD/vmlinuz-virt > vmlinux-virt
# rootfs - invalid rootfs to check the initrd modules
fallocate -l 1G alpine.rootfs.ext4
# conf
cat <<CONF > alpine.json
"boot-source": {
"kernel_image_path": "vmlinux-virt",
"boot_args": "console=ttyS0 reboot=k panic=1 pci=off modules=virtio_mmio,ext4 rootfstype=ext4"
"drives": [
"drive_id": "rootfs",
"path_on_host": "ubuntu.rootfs.ext4",
"is_root_device": true,
"is_read_only": false
"machine-config": {
"vcpu_count": 1,
"mem_size_mib": 1024,
"ht_enabled": false
# start
rm /tmp/firecracker.socket;./firecracker --api-sock /tmp/firecracker.socket --config-file alpine.json
# missing ext4
cat /proc/filesystems
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