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Created Jan 14, 2021
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function update(cache, payload) {
const [removeFromCart, { loading }] = useMutation(REMOVE_FROM_CART_MUTATION, {
variables: { id },
// When the optimistic response comes back, it seems to re-fetch every single query on the page, leaving `data` from queries undefined (and loading and error undefined as well), causing the layout to break.
// // The error itself comes from next.js, and it does seem that the item is evicted from the cache before that happens...
// optimisticResponse: {
// deleteCartItem: {
// __typename: 'CartItem',
// id,
// },
// },
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KruglikDev commented Jul 17, 2022

Hi, they fixed that bug in modern versions of @apollo/client (I am using 3.6.9), update it and it will work
or you can wrap evict inside setTimeout, like this:

setTimeout(() => { cache.evict(cache.identify(; }, 0);

and it also will work with OptimisticResponse.

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