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Script runs constantly at X seconds interval checking to see if topologies have stopped processing new Tuples
# Wes Floyd April 2015
import sys
import requests
import json
import argparse
import pprint
import time
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Check for operation of a Storm process')
parser.add_argument('--nimbus', help='host running Nimbus server')
parser.add_argument('--interval', help='time to wait between checks for complete topologies')
args = parser.parse_args()
# Check tuples every X seconds
tupleCheckInterval = args.interval
nimbusServer = args.nimbus
nimbusPort = "8744"
url = "http://" + nimbusServer + ":" + nimbusPort + "/api/v1/topology/summary"
resp = requests.get(url)
resp.encoding = 'utf-8'
topologySummary = resp.json()
#Get most recent number of emitted tuples for that topology or 0 on error
def getTopoTuples(topoID):
url = "http://" + nimbusServer + ":" + nimbusPort + "/api/v1/topology/"+topoID
resp = requests.get(url)
resp.encoding = 'utf-8'
data = resp.json()
#If the topology ID does not exist, return 0
if 'error' in data:
print 'Topology "'+topoID+'" returned error'
return 0
#Return number of emitted tuples for "all time"
#Doc -
return data['topologyStats'][3]['emitted']
#Returns a dictionary of tuple id and the number of its current emitted tuples
def updateTupleCounts(data):
tuplesEmitted = {}
for topology in data['topologies']:
topologyID = topology['id']
tuplesEmitted[topologyID] = getTopoTuples(topologyID)
return tuplesEmitted
# Send some alert on the topology
def alertTopo(id):
print 'Topology with id:\'' + id + 'has stopped processing tuples\''
# Prime the loop by getting the current list of tuple ids and emitted count, then wait for interval time
oldTupleCountDict = updateTupleCounts(topologySummary)
# Prime the loop by waiting the interval for the tuples to increase
# Constantly check to see if topologies have stopped receiving tuples
while True:
newTupleCountDict = updateTupleCounts(topologySummary)
#iterate through oldTuple list, alert if same number of all time tuples were emitted
for key in oldTupleCountDict:
oldTupleID = key
oldTupleCount = oldTupleCountDict[key]
newTupleCount = newTupleCountDict[oldTupleID]
# If tuple count has not increased
if newTupleCount <= oldTupleCount:
print "old",oldTupleCount
print "new",newTupleCount
print 'DEBUG: "'+oldTupleID+'" continues to run properly'
#TODO Consider removing topologies from oldTupleCountDict when alert is triggered?
# Update oldTupleCountDict to reflect the most recent count data
oldTupleCountDict = updateTupleCounts(topologySummary)
# Delay loop for interval time period
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