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bash tips and tricks

Execute but Keep the Current Working Directory

following code changes cwd to ./step1

cd step_1

adding braces gets the code executed w/o affecting the cwd

(cd step_1 && ./ && ./

Special stuff

The bash Variable Index, don't expect info, just index.

Informal and meaningful illustration is following

  • $1, $2, $3, ... are the positional parameters.
  • "$@" is an array-like construct of all positional parameters, {$1, $2, $3 ...}.
  • "$*" is the IFS expansion of all positional parameters, $1 $2 $3 ....
  • $# is the number of positional parameters.
  • $- current options set for the shell.
  • $$ pid of the current shell (not subshell).
  • $_ most recent parameter (or the abs path of the command to start the current shell immediately after startup).
  • $IFS is the (input) field separator.
  • $? is the most recent foreground pipeline exit status.
  • $! is the PID of the most recent background command.
  • $0 is the name of the shell or shell script.

Formal and more lengthy illustration is following

Special parameters

The official list.

Special Variables

The official list.

Coloring terminals

Follow this


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