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sparse materials, for curious ppl and interview seekers

#how do we know object type in runtime :? that could be if: the language support RTTI

##type introspection figuring the metadata at runtime

##C++ specific ###dynamic_cast way: Dynamic cast an object to a class, do we get a bad_cast exception, then it's not the right type
be cautious base class must have at least one virtual method!! ###type_id way:

#include <typeinfo>
string s = typeid(YourClass).name()

##type reflection manipulating the metadata at runtime

the word binding!

types, functions and values determination at run/compile time (dynamic loading, dispatching and binding)

the four types of polymors

Subtype polymorphism (runtime polymorphism).
Parametric polymorphism (compile-time polymorphism).
Ad-hoc polymorphism (overloading).
Coercion (implicit or explicit casting).

scope resolution operator ::

use to force traversing from the global namespace downword while figuring out which class to use

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