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Last active Aug 16, 2019

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Automatic daily backup from production site to GitHub
# Shell script to automatically backup current branch to GitHub
# Tested on Digital Ocean and Webfaction
git add .
git commit -m "Automatic daily backup via cronjob"
git push
# Instructions
# 1. SSH into the server
# 2.1 Create this file at root of the repo to backup: $ touch
# 2.2 Add the commands shown in this file: $ vim
# 3. Set permission to execute: $ chmod 777
# 4. Ensure the current (master) branch is set to track upstream: $ git push -u origin master
# 5.1 Test that the command runs manually: $ sh
# 5.2 Check for the commit of the file
# 6.1 Setup cronjob to run the file:
# $ crontab -e
# 6.2 Create or edit a new line replacing "" accordingly
# 6.3 Example of nightly at 3am:
# 0 3 * * * cd ~/ && ./ > /dev/null
# NB: To receive emails from cron, set your email address at the top of the crontab
# NB: " > /dev/null" Only errors are emailed.
# 6.4 Crontab schedule generator:*_*_*
# NB: To ensure pushes aren't rejected and to avoid conflicts,
# ensure you leave the repo on the correct branch and
# manually pull down changes pushed to the same branch.

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commented Feb 23, 2019

Honestly think I will go this route, thanks for the gist :)
tried making Spock work all day today and it just won't work well for some reason. Will try your way


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commented Aug 16, 2019

Example implementation using Scheduler in Laravel Forge

cd ~/ && ./ > /dev/null


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