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Chris West westc

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westc / RegExp-Groups.js
Created Oct 7, 2019
Creates RegExp groups and keeps them in the `charGroups` object to be used in regular expressions.
View RegExp-Groups.js
var charGroups = {};
westc / YourJS.term.js
Last active Oct 10, 2019
YourJS Candidate Function: Creates a search term checking function. Allows for quotes, a regexp, musts (+), must not [AKA negation] (-) and normal terms.
View YourJS.term.js
* Creates a function that when called will try to match the given string
* against `strTerm`.
* @param strTerm {string}
* The string that will be parsed and used to test one or more strings.
* @param opt_options {?Object}
* Optional. An object containing all of the options to be used. The
* `ignoreCase` property (defaults to true) can be added specified to
* allow/disallow non-RegExp terms to match strings regardless of casing.
* The `matchWordStart` (defaults to false) can be added to allow plain words
westc / fuzzPath.js
Created Oct 4, 2019
Allow for fuzzy path matching.
View fuzzPath.js
// people[*]["firstName" | "lastName" | "fullName"]
// people[*][firstName | lastName | fullName]
// people[*][/^(first|last|full)Name$/]
// people.*[/^(first|last|full)Name$/]
// people.*./^(first|last|full)Name$/
// people[#0..9..2#]
// var RGX_REGEXES = /\/((?:[^\\\/]+|\\.)+)\/(i?)/; // match regexes (rgxBody, rgxFlags)
// var RGX_STRINGS = /("(?:[^\\"]+|\\.)*")/; // match strings (strRaw)
// var RGX_ASTERISKS = /(\*)/; // match * (isAsterisk)
westc / bgColorOf.js
Created Sep 28, 2019
Gets the background color of an element, making sure to get it from ancestors if not available (transparent or rgba(0,0,0,0)).
View bgColorOf.js
function bgColorOf(el) {
while (el) {
var bgColor = window.getComputedStyle(el).getPropertyValue('background-color').replace(/\s/g, '').toLowerCase();
if (!/^(transparent|rgba\(0,0,0,0\))$/.test(bgColor)) {
return bgColor;
el = el.parentNode;
return 'rgb(255,255,255)';
View step-example.js
// Allows for an array or an array like structure to be stepped through in the order specified
// after each iteration.
function step(array, callback, opt_stepValue, opt_startIndex) {
opt_stepValue = ~~opt_stepValue || 1;
var count = array.length;
var i = (opt_startIndex == undefined || isNaN(~~opt_startIndex))
? opt_stepValue < 0
? count - 1
: 0
: opt_startIndex;
westc / await-for-each.js
Last active Aug 29, 2019
Seeing the difference between using await with Array.prototype.forEach and using await with for...of.
View await-for-each.js
function testForEachReplies(maxSecs = 4) {
async function replyIn(secs) {
return await {
then(res, rej) {
_ => res(`I replied after ${secs} second${secs - 1 ? 's' : ''}`),
secs * 1e3
westc / wrapText.js
Last active Aug 28, 2019
Wrap text by splitting the lines based on whitespace and a maximum number of characters.
View wrapText.js
function wrapText(str, opt_max) {
opt_max = Math.min(Math.max(1, ~~opt_max || 80), 200);
let rgx = new RegExp(`\\S{1,${opt_max}}|\\s{1,${opt_max}}`, 'g');
let lastPart, wasNotWS;
return (str.match(rgx) || []).reduce(function (lines, part, partIndex, parts) {
let isNotWS = /\S/.test(part);
if (isNotWS) {
let lineCount = lines.length;
let lastLine = lines[lineCount - 1];
let newLastLine;
westc / getGitContents.js
Last active Aug 23, 2019
Get the contents of a file or directory in Git using this function on any web page.
View getGitContents.js
* Gets the GitHub contents of a file or directory.
* @param {string} user
* The GitHub user name.
* @param {string} repo
* The name of the repo. If you want to also specify the branch then you can
* append a colon to the repo name and then specify the branch name in this
* same field.
* @param {string} path
* The path to the file or directory whose contents should be retrieved.
westc / fromExcelDate.js
Created Aug 12, 2019
Function used to convert a numeric value (from Excel or Google Sheets) into a JavaScript Date object.
View fromExcelDate.js
* Converts a numeric value (from Excel or Google Sheets) into a JavaScript Date object.
* @param {number} numDate - The numeric value that will be converted into a date.
* @param {?number=} opt_tzMinOffset - Optional. Defaults to the minute offset of the
* local timezone. If given this should indicate how many minutes to offset the date
* by to correctly represent the desired timezone.
* @returns {Date} - The date representation of the numeric value passed in.
function fromExcelDate(num, opt_tzMinOffset) {
return new Date(
westc / GoogleSheetReader.js
Last active Aug 9, 2019
Provides an easy way to get Google Sheets data.
View GoogleSheetReader.js
var GoogleSheetReader = (function (document) {
var global = this;
function loadJSONP(url, paramName, callback) {
var fnName = ('_' + Math.random() + Math.random()).replace(/\./g, '');
var body = document.body;
var script = document.createElement('script');
global[fnName] = function (data) {
delete global[fnName];
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