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westc / cwest-dark-mode.bookmarklet.js
Last active June 6, 2024 01:46
Bookmarklet - Dark mode code.
const docElem = document.documentElement;
const FILTERS = [
"invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg) contrast(0.75)",
"invert(1) contrast(0.75)",
"invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg)"
const VAR_NAME = "cwestDarkMode";
const DATA_VAR_NAME = `data-${VAR_NAME.replace(/[A-Z]/g, '-$&').toLowerCase()}`;
westc / formatIntlDate.js
Last active April 20, 2024 03:48
A more intuitive version of a JS date formatter. This function leverages Intl.DateTimeFormat().
var formatIntlDate = (() => {
const codeToOpts = [...'Y=year M=month D=day H=hour h=hour m=minute s=second S:1 SS:2 SSS:3 MMM=month:short MMMM=month:long DDD=weekday:short DDDD=weekday:long A=hour:2D a=hour:2D Z:Offset ZZ:Offset ZZZ:Generic ZZZZ: J=year:numeric,month:2D,day:2D,hourCycle:h23,hour:2D,minute:2D,second:2D,fractionalSecondDigits:3,timeZoneName:longOffset'.replace(/(\w)=\w+(?= |$)/g, '$&:numeric $1$&:2D').replace(/hour/g, 'hourCycle:h23,$&').replace(/Z:/g, 'Z=timeZoneName:long').replace(/S:/g, 'S=fractionalSecondDigits:').replace(/2D/g, '2-digit').matchAll(/(\w+)=(\S+)/g)]
(codeToOpts, [_, code, strOpts]) => {
codeToOpts[code] = [...strOpts.matchAll(/(\w+):([^,]+)/g)].reduce(
(opts, [_, key, value]) => {
opts[key] = value;
return opts;
westc / zip.cls
Last active March 28, 2024 22:14
Two implementations of zip() and zipKeys() in Apex (Salesforce).
* Merges together the values of each of the arrays with the values at the
* corresponding position. Useful when you have separate data sources that are
* coordinated through matching array indexes.
public static Object[][] zip(Object[][] listOfArrays) {
Object[][] rows = new List<Object[]>();
Integer itemsCount;
for (Object[] items : listOfArrays) {
Boolean isFirstPass = itemsCount == null;
westc / sendNewRecordsEmail.cls
Created February 16, 2024 02:25 — forked from cwest-consultch/sendNewRecordsEmail.cls
Apex - Function that sends an email of all of the new records of a given type created after a given datetime.
public static boolean sendNewRecordsEmail(String[] toAddresses, String sobjectName, DateTime createdAfter) {
String strCreatedAfter = createdAfter.formatGMT('yyyy-MM-dd\'T\'HH:mm:ss\'Z\'');
// Get the count of records after the createdAfter date/time.
String restSOQL = String.join(
new String[]{
'SELECT count(Id) record_count',
'FROM ' + sobjectName,
'WHERE CreatedDate > ' + strCreatedAfter
westc / lwc-console-override.js
Created February 12, 2024 16:16
Custom console object to allow for objects to be printed correctly in the console from within LWC by leveraging iframes.
* Custom console object to allow for objects to be printed correctly in the
* console by leveraging iframes.
* @type {Console}
const CONSOLE = ((realConsole) => {
let iframe;
try {
iframe = document.createElement('iframe'); = 'none';
westc / loadScripts.js
Last active February 1, 2024 21:16
Loads a <script> tag if necessary and finishes once the `checker` returns a promised value that is not falsy.
* Can load multiple scripts (javascript and css) and finishes once the
* `checker` returns a promised value that is not falsy.
* @param {string[]} urls
* Ordinarily a URL is determined to be for CSS or JS by the extension of the
* pathname but if it doesn't end in .js or .css this will not be possible and
* it will default to JS. If you want to force a URL to be recognized as a JS
* file you should prefix the URL with `"js:"` and if you want it to be
* recognized as a CSS file you should prefix it with `"css:"`.
* @param {null|undefined|{
westc / vue3-component-clickable-dragon-balls.html
Last active January 25, 2024 17:25
Vue3 Component - Clickable Dragon Balls
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
<meta charset='UTF-8'>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<title>Clickable Dragon Balls</title>
<script src=""></script>
addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
westc / extract.js
Last active January 12, 2024 15:40
Extracts substrings from the given `string` by using `regexp`.
* Extracts substrings from the given `string` by using `regexp`.
* @type {{
* (regexp: RegExp, string: string) => RegExpExecArray;
* <T>(regexp: RegExp, string: string, handler: (matches: RegExpExecArray) => T) => T;
* }}
const extract = (regexp, string, handler) => {
const matches = regexp.exec(string) ?? [];
return handler ? handler(matches) : matches;
westc / partition.js
Last active January 10, 2024 20:21
partition() - Partitions a string by using the given delimiter. In other words this splits a string while keeping the substring matches that were used to delimit the string.
* Partitions a string by using the given delimiter.
* @param {string} string
* @param {string|RegExp} delimiter
* @returns {(string | (string[] & {input: string, index: number, groups?: Record<string,string>}))[]}
* All items of an even index in the zero-indexed array will be strings while
* all items of an odd index will be `RegExpMatchArray` objects.
function partition(string, delimiter) {
const parts = [];
westc / formatIntlDate.js
Last active April 19, 2024 04:41
Makes it possible to format a Date object while leveraging the Intl.DateTimeFormat formatter.
function formatIntlDate(date, format, options) {
return format.replace(
(fullMatch, type, option) => {
if (!type) return fullMatch.charAt(0);
if (/^[YMDHhmsf]$/.test(type ?? '')) option ??= 'numeric';
const subOptions = {timeZone: options?.timeZone ?? undefined};
let partType;