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PitchBlack Origins - Changelog
NOTE: If you have received a new app update, than you should re-apply recently updated app overlay to fix conflicts and force close issues
• Themed Digital Wellbeing for pie
• Themed Markup for Pie
• Themed Sound Picker for Pie
• Pie settings imrovements
• Pie SystemUI volume dialog imrovements
• Added Contacts v3.0.6
• Added Google+ v10.12
• Updated Google messages and fixes
• Fixed Google search weather widget background
• Other app Updates
• All the android version titles are renamed, so please select your android version once again
• Updated theme template to latest version (Might fix license errors on some devices)
• Rebased Android Pie system overlays and improvements (Clean installation is recommended)
• Updated instagram
• Updated Google Play
• Updated Google Calendar
• Fixed Gmail notification text color
• Fixed translate google logo
• Other updates
• Fixed Android P gesture navigationbar button visibility (SystemUI)
• Fixed Google dialer recent call FC
• Fixed Google translate FC
• Added Google search v8.14 & v8.15
• Android P systemUI QS & settings improvements
• Fixed lastPass errors
• Added Android P Beta (Stock) version Support (requires root and latest substratum CI version)
• Added Google clock v5.3
• Added Whatsapp v2.18.234
• Updated Youtube to v13.30
• Updated Magisk manager to v5.8.0
• WhatsApp improvements
• Google photos improvements
• Updated Google keep
• OxygenOS clock, calculator improvements and fixed dialer errors
• Updated Twitter
• Updated WhatsApp and bugfix
• Instagram compose text color
• Google app fix
• Minor bug fixes for systemUI
• Fixed Rounded notifications detail background corners
• Fixed Google messages FC
• Fixes for Google news
• Updated Brave browser
• Fixed Google dialer v21
• Updated YouTube to v13.25.56 & playlist improvements
• Updated Google translate v5.21
• Fixed Google search v8.8 FC
• Added Google search v8.9 & themed Podcast
• Updated Google+
• Fix for Gboard
• Updated Google Photos
• Added Google Search v8.8.15
• Updated Google Calendar
• Updated Google Movies
• Updated Google Dialer
• Updated Google Tasks
• Updated Instagram
• Updated Twitter
• Updated YouTube to v13.24.57
• Updated Gboard to v7.3
• Fixed notifications background issues and improvements (Android system & systemUI)
• Improved translucent systemUI option (System Dialogs included as well)
• Fixed Google Photos slider background
• Updated Instagram to v50
• Added Whatsapp v2.18.191
• Updated Google+
• Updated YouTube Music
• Instagram Improvements
• Fixed Google search podcast bg and fc
• Fixed Google search Explore assistant settings
• PlayStore improvements & fixed menu text color
• Fixed whatsapp status compose background and location search text color
• Updated all the apps to latest versions
• Fixed growing media player notification issue (Android System & SystemUI)
• Fixed Rounded QS detail background
• Added Google clock v5.2.2 overlay
• Added Google Dialer v21 overlay
• Added Google Search v8.7.11 overlay
• Added Google Contacts v2.7.3 overlay
• Added Rounded system quick panel and notifications option into systemUI (Apply android system & SystemUI overlays)
• Improved translucent notifications
• Improved QS panel for 8.1
• Improved Instagram buttons
• Improved Google search (Used light cards on nougat too, dark cards doesn't work anymore)
• Updated YouTube
• Added Rounded system quick panel and notifications option into systemUI (Apply android system & SystemUI overlays)
• Improved translucent notifications
• Improved QS panel for 8.1
• Improved Instagram buttons
• Improved Google search (Used light cards on nougat too, dark cards doesn't work anymore)
• Added tile color option into Google & AOSP dialer
• Fixed instagram navigation buttons for older devices
• Fixed FC on latest version Google Play
• Themed quick settings bottom divider on Oreo (Android system)
• XDA Feeds imrovements
• Added Google Translate v5.20
• Themed Greenify app
• Updated Gold accents
• Updated WhatsApp to v18.177
• Updated Google news
• Updated Gmail
• Added Google + v10.7
• Updated Google dialer to v20
• Updated Google Calendar
• Added WhatsApp v18.170
• Fixed WhatsApp beta build errors
• Fixed Google Search weather cards
• Hangouts chat bubble improvements
• Added Google Search v8.5 and some other improvements
• Fixed OnePlus notes FC and improvements
• Fixed YouTube Poll text colors & themed ad backgrounds
• Fixed SoundCloud search icon
• Updated Google photos
• Updated Discord
• MatteBlack color improvements
• Improved theme list
• Updated YouTube to v13.20.21 & fixed grey background issues
• Fixed WhatsApp emoji FC
• Added Google search v8.4.9.21
• Improved Google News
• Updated Google Drive
• Updated Google Contacts
• Fixed instagram v48 navigation buttons & fixed contact select checkbox color
• Fixed Discord offline status color
• Updated Google search v8.3
• Fixes for Google messages
• Improved Google contacts
• Instagram background and text color improvements
• Fixed Soundcloud text colors, buttons & themed launch screen
• Google photos theme improvements
• Added Ruthless launcher overlay
• Fixed Reply app build errors
• Updated Discord to v6.7.0 and fixed background issues
• Updated G+ v10.6
• Updated package installer
• Improved PitchBlack variants
• Fixed Spotify header background
• Themed AudioFX
• LOS Eleven music improvements
• Updated WhatsApp to v2.18.142 & fixed phone registration FC
• Updated Google Contacts to v2.7.2
• Fixed AOSP messages app dialogs
• System and SystemUı improvements
• Fixed YouTube playlist text colors & other fixes
• Fixed Outlook build errors
• Updated to latest version of Pixel 2 P launchers
• Bug fixes for Nougat settings and system theme
• Twitter improvements
• Google search updates and icon fixes
• Updated Google contacts to v2.7.0 and themed launch screen
• Updated Google Translate to v5.19
• Substratum improvements and updated launch screen logo
• Fixed AOSP dialer icon colors
• Google search icon improvements
• Updated G+ to v10.5
• Fixed G+ poll votes counter text
• Fixed G Tasks theme on hi-res devices
• Improved Matteblack variants
• Updated G Photos
• Updated YouTube
• Updated Gmail
• Themed Google Tasks app
• Google keep improvements
• Fixed Google search, assistant chat UI text colors and other improvements
• Material and Night themes color improvements
• Contacts apps bug fixes
• Added Google search v8.22
- Added text shadow on widget search results, for the fix hard coded dark text color on v8.22 (please do not report this as a bug)
- Improved feed cards menu bottom dialogs
• Updated tile colors of dialer and contacts apps
• Fixed YouTube v13.16 build errors
• Fixed Google photos FAB button
• Fixes for Gmail and XDA feed
• Updated Gmail to v8.4.8 (Fixed older version error)
• Added WhatsApp v2.18.122
• Updated Google keep
• Updated Spotify
• Updated Chrome
• Improved Discord text colors
• Fixes for Google Movies
• Fixes for Google Console
• Added purple accent color to dark variants
• Updated Gmail to v8.4.8
• Updated Google keep
• Updated Spotify
• Improved Discord text colors
• OOS systemUI fixes
• Fixes for Google Movies
• Fixes for Google Console
• Added purple accent color to dark variants
• Themed Google Play Movies app
• Updated Gboard and fixed FC
• Improved Discord and fixed beta support
• Fixed whatsApp notifications media buttons and dialogs
• Added bubble text color options into Google and AOSP messages app overlays
• Fixed Chrome copy/paste dialog
• Added Google Plus v10.4 and improved home bottom navigation buttons and backgroud
• Make 8.1 settings P style rounded search bar and improvements
• Google dialer v19 improvements
• Updated Googe Play and bug fixes
• Fixed Chrome apps FC and tab text color
• Fixed Pixel 2 launcher light statusbar and navbar icon colors
• Fixed Google search feed page light statusbar and navbar icon colors and bug fixes
• Updated YouTube v15.55
• Updated hangouts
- Updated Chrome v66
- Updated Google Console v8.2.005
- Updated Netflix v6.0.2 and fixes
- Updated Substratum Theme
- Added pre-installed launcher3 overlay for custom ROMs
- WhatsApp dialog improvements
- XDA Feed improvements
- Updated system theme list
- Themed XDA Feed app (Dark mode)
- Google and AOSP messages chat bubbles and text color improvements
- Google search new feed cards and background improvements
- Fixed Youtube icons,text and background colors
- 8.1 Oreo translucent systemUI and volume panel improvements
- Updated YouTube (Unified all versions)
- Fixed Google search dark card backgrounds
- Added WhatsApp v2.18.105 and bug fixes
- Added Google Dialer v19 updated to new design
- Fixed Google photos theme and text colors
- Added Google search v7.26 and improvements
- Updated Google keep
- Updated Google calendar
- Updated Play store
- Themed aosp 8.1 dialer and contacts light navigation bar
- Fixed google search mic button
- Fixed Chrome apps new search bar
- Updated YouTube to v13.12.60
- Improved OxygenOS messages app
- Updated google plus to v10.3 and bug fixes
- Updated Google photos improved text colors
- Improved chrome apps
- Updated heroimage design
- Updated google contacts to v2.6.4 and bug fixes
- Fixed Gmail notifications subject color
- Fixed Discord status badge background
- Fixed google search home screen widget g icon
- OxygenOS Translucent systemUI improvements
- OxygenOS System theme improvements
- OxygenOS Settings improvements
- OxygenOS Files and launcher improvements
- Added WhatsApp v2.18.92
- Added Google Search v7.24
- Fixed Magisk manager popup dialogs
- Improved YouTube launch screen drawable
- Fixed OxygenOS 8.1 translucent quick settings background
- Themed SD maid app ( also added option for hide glitchy loading animation )
- Themed Discord app dark mode
- Bug fix for google app
- Bug fix for google play
- Bug fix for google photos
- Bug fix for Netflix
- Lots of system and system ui improvements and more
- Fixed oreo system actionbar
- Fixed nougat systemUI build error
- Fixed OOS settings icons
- Added Google plus 10.2
- Added Google search improvements
- System theme fixes
- Updated many apps version
- Oxygen OS 8.0/1 support is completed , themed all system apps and improvements
- Added WhatsApp 1.18.79 and bug fixes
- Added Printer service overlay
- Added Google Markup overlay
- Fixed phone service overlay
- Fixed Emergency information overlay
- Fixes for G Keep
- Updated Gboard and added accent option
- Updated Youtube music
- Updated Google search
- Updated some accents
- Added Google Translate v5.17
- Updated Gboard to v7.0.5
- WhatsApp bug fix
- Fixed aex.ota
- Added Google+ v10.1 and bug fixes
- Added Google search v7.22
- Added more accents to Night theme variant
- Fixed force close in WhatsApp
- Fixed and updated Netflix app v5.14.1
- Updated SoundCloud
- Updated google translate theme
- Updated Google messages
- Updated Instagram
- Bug fixes for Twitter
- 8.1 settings improvements
- Fixed Google app v21 build errors
- Fixed Google photos media buttons
- Fixed statusbar icon paddings
- Added G+ v10
- Added youtube v13.07
- Removed themed launcher app icons
- Updated all app's actionbar back arrow icon design
* Sorry guys for this update you should remove and reapply all the app overlays to take effect. i hope you like it
- Added LineageOS settings overlay
- Fixed light/dark notification button background
- Improved settings for custom roms
- And some design updates
- Themed YouTube Music app
- Added Google Search v7.21
- Essential rom 8.1 settings improvements
- Fixed light keyboard background (system overlay)
- Added swiftkey overlay to fix some background issues
- Added OnmiStyle overlay and fix text issues
- Fixed Play console app text issues
- And many bug fixes in System and systemUI
- Added Youtube v13.06 and themed search background
- Updated Google contacts to v2.5.4
- Fixed Google+ mederator tools and other text color fixes
- Added 5 toggle switches style to system overlay (stock included)
* Removed popup animations option because, no longer works on Oreo and there is no way to keep both type2 variants.
- Themed latest substratum UI and improvements
- Updated heroimage banner
- Updated Google dialer to v17 and bug fixes
- Aosp dialer icon fixes
- Fixes for instagram
- Fixed WhatsApp quick reply PopUp FC
- Added Google+ v9.30 overlay
- Updated YouTube
- Updated SoundCloud
- Themed Documents UI shortcuts icon background
- Some system theme fixes
- Fixed whatsapp gif select fc
- Theme fixes for google messages
- Theme fixes for aosp messages, dialer and contacts
- Themed G+ poll options and notifications dot
- Spotify text color fixes
- Youtube text color fixes
- Added WhatsApp 2.18.48 and fixed some bugs
- Added Youtube 13.05.52
- Google plus theme improvements
- Settings 8.1 icon improvements
- Hotfix for latest google and drive build errors
Good News: Google Play Store can be themed on all languages now. (Fixed by Niklas Schnettler)
- Added Google search 7.19.20 and widget background and text improvements
- Fixed whatsapp keyboard emoji FC
- Updated Instagram and some text color improvements
- Soundcloud accent and bg improvements
- Fixed dark on dark texts on Google translate
- Youtube 13.04 overall improvements
- Google plus hard-coded layouts improvements
- Fixed all libpng related build errors on ARM devices and optimised all the pngs
- Updated to latest google plus (still has some text issues WIP)
- Lots of SystemUI and system theme improvements for 8.1 and 8.0
- Settings theme improvements for 8.1 and 8.0
- Google search cards text improvements
- ...
- Added youtube 13.04 overlay ( remove older overlay before apply this one)
- Fixed youtube bg theme on lagacy roms
- Added Translate 5.16 overlay
- Added white icons option to settings (Oreo 8.1 only)
- Fixed inbox and gmail notifications
- Updated Google calendar 5.8.16 and theme fixes
- Added google search 7.19 overlay
- Updated Gmail
- Added whatsapp v2.18.29
- Updated google dialer to v16
- Updated instagram
- Fixed and improved Spotify theme
- Fixed and improved google news&feed theme
- Themed smartbar skip track buttons
- Google keep improvements
- Upcoming RR-O Settings improvements
- Settings icon fixes for Liquidremix rom
- Fixed advanced power menu dialog issues and improved power button drawables for 8.1 custom roms
- Bug fixes on systemUI and system theme for 8.1 custom roms
- Themed LineageOS trebuchet launcher 8.1
- Updated to latest Substratum theme
- Fixed Youtube 13.02.55 force close on arm devices
- Fixed translucent quick settings options on OxygenOS (System and systemUI overlays)
- Added rounded screen corners option to systemUI
- Added latest Youtube 13.02.55 support
- Themed DU Tweaks bottom bar (settings)
- Note: Who is having force close after whatsapp 2.18 update, you should remove older overlay than apply new one
- Updated to Google Photos 1.62 and fixed build error
- Updated Hangouts
- Improved Youtube 13.01
- Improved Google Messages
- Bug fix for WhatsApp v2.18
- Updated instagram
- Updated google keep and calendar
- Added WhatsApp v2.18.9 overlay
- Fixed tranclucent quick settings option for OxygenOS (system and systemui overlays)
- Themed incall headsup notification background for OxygenOS (incallui overlay)
- Fixed navigation buttons not getting themed on 5t OxygenOS (light navigationbar background can't be themed)
- Themed calculator apps menu dialogs
- Fixed YouTube 13.01 force close
- Fixed Google search version 17 and 18 new feed layout FC
- Fixed quick settings solid background
- Fixed latest substratum-CI version theme
- Added YouTube v13.01 overlay (remove old overlay before apply this)
- Added Google search v7.18 overlay
- improved WhatsApp settings
- Fixed OxygenOS custom quick settings tile colors and improvements (SystemUI)
- Themed restartUI power button on 8.1
- Updated Google plus
- Switched to colored system settings action bar on Oreo (System and Settings overlays)
- Themed security settings unthemed icons on Oreo
- Improved power dialog icons on Oreo
- Themed FAB buttons and updated contact tile colors on Oreo and Google dialer
- Added Android Oreo 8.1 overlay version (Select if you are on 8.1)
- Lots of System , Settings and SystemUI improvements and bug fixes for 8.1
- Fixed settings Multi Sim color picker dialog text issues
- Fixed Google Drive text and background issues
- Updated google keep to version 4.0.501
- Added YouTube v12.49 overlay
- Updated Google messages to v2.8
- Updated Google calendar to v5.8.9
- Netflix improvements
- Fixed Cell Broadcast FC on 8.1
- WhatsApp updates and bug fixes
- System theme improvements
- Fixed system and power dialog theme on 8.1 oreo
- Fixed Light and dark systemUI theme for oreo 8.1
- 8.1 settings theme Improvements
- Pixel 2 launcher theme improvements
- SystemUI icon improvements and clean ups
- Fixed Google search light statusbar and new feed layout background
- Google and aosp dialer improvements
- Fixes and improvemens for google keep
- Fixed Chrome-Photos-Gmail-Google search-Messages apps navbar colors on 8.1 oreo
- System and systemUI improvements for Oreo
- Fixes for YouTube
- Fixes for Twitter
- Fixes for aosp messages
- Fixes for Google wallpapers
- Updated Substratum
- Fixes for Google search
- Updated Google messages app
- Updated Google wallpapers app
- Improved Google play store theme
- Fixes for aosp and google contacts app
- Fixes for google search 7.17
- Updated Substratum and fixed text colors
- Fixes for system and systemUI overlays
- İmproved all PitchBlack and hybrid variants
- Added UltraViolet accents
- Fixed google search assistant FC and fixed "Your Stuff" page layout text colors
- Fixed Google contacts FC
- Updated Gboard and fixed search box issues (works with applied custom background img)
- Fixed YouTube playlist background
- Fix for chrome searchbar
- Added DreamPink accents
- Added Gmail 7.11.26 overlay
- Fixed chrome apps suggestion cards
- Fixed system toggles for low and high res devices
- Fixes for Google messages
- Updated YouTube
- Updated Google Plus
- Updated Photos
- Updated attention dialog icon on substratum
- Added helpful information dialogs to some overlays (Substratum)
- Updated SoundCloud to latest version
- Added Google translate 5.15 overlay
- Fixed Pandora notifications
- Updated instagram to v26
- Added LastPass Beta app overlay to fix auto fill background
- Fixed instagram shadow tint
- Fixed multi sim colors
- Fixed Googe photos 3.11 build error
- Fixed input method full screen background for 3th party keyboards (system)
- Improved substratum and PB heroimage banner
- Dialer improvements
- Fixed android 8.1 dialer build errors on some oreo roms
- Fixed ambient display notification text colors (system)
- Fixed instagram business cards
- Fixed Ebay notification background
- Fixes for Google photos and Google drive
- Added Google app v7.17
- Updated and improved Substratum app theme
- Fixed PlayStore force close
- Fixed Google Photos share panel text colors
- Updated Google calendar
- Gmail improvements
- Fixed Google drive search text colors
- Bug fixes for Whatsapp
- Fixed playstore build errors (select your version before apply)
- Fixed Nougat system overlay errors
- Fixed Oreo 8.1 settings suggestion cards color
- Updated Google play to v8.5.37
- Fixed Google search background for Nova launcher users
- Updated all chrome apps
- Fixed YouTube 12.47 launch screen
- Bug fixes for WhatsApp
- Fixed date and time picker dialogs (system)
- Fixed full screen keyboard IME background (system)
- Fixed some icon colors in playstore
- Fixed and improved Netflix app theme
- Updated google photos and fixed mismatch icon sizes
- Updated google plus
- Updated instagram
- Updated Google search
- Added neptune dark indigo accent
- Themed Netflix app
- Improved Hybrid variants and added more accent options
- Added WhatsApp 2.17.427
- Updated Gmail
- Updated Google messages
- Themed XDA Labs dark mode
- Added google search v7.16
- Fixed whatsapp two-step verification settings
- Hangouts improvements
- Light notifications improvements
- Added GlueBlue accents
- Gboard improvements and fixed search results card text colors
- System theme fixes for OxygenOS
- Fixed gmail notifications text colors
- İmproved whatsapp notifications
- Fixed Chrome apps copy/paste dialogs
- YouTube theme improvements
- Fixed Google Dialer call screen colors
- Added some of unthemed rom icons to settings and color improvements
- Hotfix for SystemUI FC and light notifications text issues on OxygenOS (SystemUI)
- Fixed Google app old google now cards
- Fixed Gmail theme
- Google Plus theme improvements
- Fixed light notifications white text issues on Nougat. (apply system overlay)
- İmproved button colors in youtube
- Fixed FC in Play Store and improvements
- Fixed widget text issues in google keep
- Updated google clock
- Updated instagram
- Updated google messages
- Fixed Youtube 12.45 search FC
- Updated lawnchair plah
- Fixed scrolling shadow glitch on Chrome stable/beta/dev/canary
- WhatsApp updates and themed chat unread badge
- Fixed navbar buttons for pixel roms
- Improved systemUI theme for all
- Fixed Quick Settings bg glitch for OOS
- Re-optimised packege and %40 reduced apk size
- Added YouTube 12.45
- Improved AOSP and Pixel Oreo Dialer theme
- Improved AOSP and Pixel Oreo Contacts theme
- Improved Google Contacts theme
- Fixed AOSP Nougat Dialer incall screen banner color
- Themed Google search new assistant page and other new layouts
- Fixed translucent notification OFF option (apply system and systemui)
- Updated to Gmail 7.11
- Updated Gplus fixed FC
- Fixed Google app build errors for OOS
- Disabled all caps titles
- Added true light notifications option to *system overlay
* All the app overlays updated for this feature so clean up all the overlays and reapply all of them .
* Light is default for Oreo / Dark is default for Nougat
* Added a option to systemUI to enable translucency for notifications
* Removed all caps title option for now because no extra type1 option
- Improved settings for oreo 8.1
- Updated Play Store
- Fixes for google search 7.15
- Fixed instagram v23 FC
- Moved translucent quick settings option to system overlay (not working on OOS)
- SystemUI bug fixes *re-apply recommended
- Added rounded card and searchbar option for google play
- Fixed Google search feed cards
- Fixed pixel 2 launcher app drawer background
- Themed actionbar buttons in youtube
- Fixed Gcontacts FAB button
- Fixed Gboard send button
- Added YouTube v12.44
- Themed AOSP Gallery3d (lineage 15.0 gallery)
- Themed Nova Launcher settings
- Added Pixel 2 launcher oreo 8.1
- Fixed Lawnchair blur backgrounds
- Bug fixes for android Oreo
* Fixed radio button colors
* Fixed toast dialog issues
* Many other systemui and system overlay bug fixes
- WhatsApp improvements
- More improvements in google search and bug fixes
- Updated YouTube
- Updated Google drive
- Updated Slack
- Updated Google Photos
- Updated Chrome Beta/Dev
- Removed outdated app versions
- Fixed latest google search feeds layouts and theme improvements
- Added google search v7.15
- Fixed system overlay related music player FCs such like saavn music etc
- Updated instagram to v22
- Updated Google calendar to v5.8.4
- Updated Google contact to v2.3.5
- Google photos improvements
- Revert back to google search dark cards for nougat and some minor fixes
- improved substratum theme and themed scroll bar
- Other fixes in system overlay
- Fixed google calculator 7.4 theme
- Spotify theme improvements
- Google calendar fixes and add support for hdpi devices
- Updated Instagram v21 support
- Updated Youtube v42 support
- Improved backgrounds in all matteblack variants
- Fixed google messages fab button
- Some accent color improvements
- Themed Google calendar app
- Themed Spotify app
- Fixed SoundCloud FC on nougat
- Improved translucent QuicksSettings option for nougat and Oreo only
- Fixed notification guts background
- Systemui theme improvements
- System theme improvements
- Added YouTube v12.42
- Huge fixes in Google drive theme
- SoundCloud improvements
- WhatApp improvements
- Fixed Google photos version 3.8
- Fixed latest lawnchair version
- Gmail bug fix
- Added WhatsApp 17.395 overlay
- Updated playstore 8.3.73 (for some reason app getting themed only with english language - Google related issue)
- Fixed google search new layout on oreo
- Pixel 2 launcher updates
- Youtube improvements
- Updated to instagram v20
- Google search v13-14 card background fixes
- Improved radio button colors
- Improved overlay list
- Fixed Gmail build errors
- Fixed Gmail fab button
- Fixed instagram stories fc
- Fixed Google now scrim background
- Fixed console white statusbar issue
- İmproved oxygen os theme support
- Google play dialog improvements
- Fixed instagram v19 Fc
- Fixed YouTube 12.41 build errors on nougat
- Fixed bugs in play console
- Improved pixel launcher
- improved lawnchair
- Themed both Lawnchair launchers (enable black mode)
- Added youtube 12.41 overlay
- Added google search 7.14
- İmproved Twitter chat screen theme and other fixes
- Fixed pixel 2 launcher FC
- Fixed auto fill background
- Notifications background improvements
- Whatsapp fixes
- İmproved Oxygenos overlays
- Fixed Gboard language picker
- Chrome fixes
- Bug fixes
- Added OxygenOS Oreo legacy (Beta) support
* Enable dark mode
* Select OxygenOS android version
* Select and configurate overlay options than apply
* Change QS tile colors from settings/display/accent (select pb accent) after each bp theme change
This is legacy support so do not expect fully themed system applications
Enjoy !
- Added latest Youtube 12.40.59
- Added latest Google search 7.13
- And other reported minor bugs
- Fixed Pixel 2 launcher all apps background and other BG improvements
- Fixed statusbar overlay build errors on nougat
- Fixed Google play
- Added Pixel 2 launcher overlay
- Fix FC in Google photos app
- Updated instagram to v18 and bug fixes
- Updated photos app
- Updated google search
- Bug fixes for instagram
- Added Microsoft outlook overlay for fix notifications only
- Fixed slack jump search text color
- Other minor fixes
- Themed Google Photos app
- Fixed google play store dark developer card text and review star background issues
- Themed YouTube 12.37
- lots of bug fixes in instagram and themed more icons
- Added carbon wallpaper
- Overall theme improvements and speed up overlay compiling
- Fixed google app build errors on oreo
- Updated to latest instagram
- Updated to latest Google Plus
- Updated to latest Google console
- YouTube Search text size improvements
- Updated theme heroimage
- Updated template version
- Updated to latest instagram
- Updated to latest Google Plus
- Updated to latest Google console
- Google app fixes
- Updated theme heroimage
- Updated template
- Added latest Google App overlay
- Added option ,solid or translucent Quick settings BG
- SystemUI icon color fixes
- Fixes for google drive
- Fixes for google dialer and contacts
- Re-themed AOSP Email app
- Fixed whatsapp gallery overlay FC and improved settings and beta fixes
- Fixed hardcoded google search home layout and improved card backgrounds for oreo and nougat
- Fixed twitter pressed background
- Youtube background and text improvements
- And a lot of minor fixes
- Fixed whatsapp fc and chat ui improvements
- İmproved light google search cards for Oreo
- Added LightGreen accents to other dark themes
- Substratum theme improvements
- Console theme improvements
- Added whatsApp 2.17.351 overlay
- Google Search card background fix
Google search theme updates
-*Themed google search home layout (hardcoded)
-*Used white card color as defauld on oreo (no other choice)
-*Cards and texts size,color improvements
-*Removed card color option
-*Other layout improvements
- Added Google translate 5.13 overlay
- Google play updates
- variant accent updates and other fixes and
- Fixed light material related theme issues ( eg samsung browser settings and popups) apply system overlay
- Added google contacts 2.2.3
- Added YouTube 12.37
- Fixed google messages settings FC
- İmproved twitter and Gmail
- Themed system radio buttons on Oreo version (apply system overlay)
- Fixed Gmail 7.9 build errors
- Fixed google messages dialog text issues
- Improved All caps off option (all caps off by default)
- Huge fixes in system overlay
- Fixes in Google Chrome - beta - dev and canary browser
* Themed new url search bar and search result backgrounds
* Fixed scrolling glitch on web page
* Overall theme improvements
- Fixed google console build errors
- Fixed samsung browser dark on dark dialog issues (apply system overlay)
- Twitter improvements
- Instagram improvements
- In Google Plus app theme
* Fixed account chooser dialog FC
* Fixed poll theme
* Themed launch screen
* Minor fixes
- Fixed system wise text issues like dark on dark dialog text etc (apply system overlay)
- Added Google Camera app theme
- Added Google messages new ver 2.5.203 (choose app version)
- Theme fixes in Slack app
- Gmail theme improvements
- Added upcoming YouTube 12.36.55 version and theme improvements
- Added missing power dialog icons
- Google translate improvements
- Fixes in framework, systemUI and settings
- WhatsApp chat UI improvements and beta updates
- Fixed Oreo Launcher3 endless FC issue
- Fixed WhatsApp my statuses settings FC issue
- System notification text color improvements
- Chrome browser app improvements
- Fixed launcher3, Pixel launcher and trebuchet notifications Popup FC
- Added light feed cards option to Google search (Oreo only)
Added Android Oreo legacy version
First of all you should choose your android version
Android Oreo fully supported on such like Pixel stock,LOS and any other AOSP Oreo roms
What isn't working on oreo 8.0 legacy version
- Some notification text colors can not be inverted thats why added light bg color as default ,its pretty useful (dark option still there)
- Statusbar options disabled on Oreo . it won't work on legacy version
- Fonts options won't work
- Google search new feed text colors can not be inverted (blame the google)
All animations are stock (animation options will not work)
Any other options like theme sets and color variants will work great but reboot after apply theme will work better!
- Choose android version first (Nougat or Oreo)
- Choose all app version options and variants before apply
- Hit to build and enable
Note: if you having build errors during installation try cleaning up all overlays and reapply partly ,if you select all at once substratum may crash
Live support :
G+ Community :
General changelog
- Settings theme improvements
- Improved aosp messages app theme
- System theme cleanups
- whatsapp theme fixes
- General improvements
- Added latest google search 7.10.30 overlay
- Themed apps2sd app notifications
- Twitter theme fixes
- Added latest YouTube 12.34.54 overlay and theme improvements
- Fixed creating new group FC in whatsapp and theme improvements
- Some app icon updates
- Update all overlays recommended
- Fixed chrome apps FC
- Added instagram 12.7.91 theme support
- Fixed LOS gallery multi select background
- Other minor fixes
- Fixed YouTube 32.60 launch screen and actionbar improvements
- Fixed intsagram direct messages screen
- Chrome apps imrovements
- Fixed Slack app mention background
- Fixed latest google plus version
- Oreo launcher improvements
- Added theme support for pixel Oreo launcher with notification dots
- Fixed google search feeds dock background
- Fixed google wallpapers dialog text colors
- Added Instagram V11.12
- Re-order all theme set sort list and some clean ups
- Updated all Neptune sets, added new neptune dark variants (all newest theme sets called NEW)
- Added GNU style monospace hacker font
- Google search fixes
- Improved AOSP contacts app
- Whatsapp fixes
- Overall improvements and bug fixes in google search
- Added Google search 9.21 overlay
- Text color fixes in Google play
- Overall system theme imrovements
- Added PB pixel oreo blue ,couple of new variants and improve current variant colors
- Preparing for Oreo support
- Added Instagram v12.4.91 overlay (please choose correct version before apply)
- Added YoutTube V32.59 overlay (please choose correct version before apply)
- Google Translate theme fixes
- General Improvements
- Themed Google Translate app and app icon
- YouTube improvements
- Fixes for google search cards
- Fixed google search feed cards black on black text issues (Reboot after apply )
- Fixed Chrome dark icon issues
- Fixed Gboard language FC
- Fixed google search (language search settings bg)
- Fixed youtube search background
- Fixed google keep FC
- Google news & weather improvements
- Added colorful bubbles options to whatsapp overlays
- Instagram chat bubble bg fixes
- Fixed google search feed cards black on black text issues (Reboot after apply )
- Fixed Chrome dark icon issues
- Fixed google search (language search settings bg)
- Fixed youtube search background
- Fixed dark text colors on hangouts
- Fixed google keep FC
- Google news & weather improvements
- Added colorful bubbles aptions to whatsapp overlays
- Fixed build errors on google play
- Instagram chat bubble bg fixes
- And more ..
- Added latest YouTube 12.32.55 variant
- Themed google news & weather darkmode
- Added back light card google search variant
- Fixed google keep FC
- Other fixes
- Improved google wallpapers app theme
- Themed Twitter app dark mode
- Themed Slack app
- Fixed Chrome Beta
- Fixed DU updater app background
- Whatsapp updates
- Themed YouTube app navigation bar background
- SystemUI and statusbar theme improvements

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gcantoni commented Nov 16, 2017



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fessmm commented Jan 17, 2018

Best dev :)


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Rams225 commented Apr 28, 2018

Best substratum theme application

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