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Last active Jul 12, 2018
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PBS Changelog
NOTE: If you have received a new app update, than you should re-apply recently updated app overlay to fix conflicts and force close issues
• Updated Google Photos to v3.24
• Updated YouTube to v13.25
• SoundCloud dialog ,background & text color fixes
• İmproved translucent SystemUI
• Updated Magisk manager to v5.8.0
• WhatsApp improvements
• Google photos improvements
• Updated Google keep
• Updated WhatsApp and bugfix
• Updated Twitter
• Instagram compose text color
• Updated Samsung Clock & themed city search layout
• Google app imrovements
• Updated YouTube to v13.25.56 & playlist improvements
• Updated Google translate v5.21
• Fixed Google search v8.8 FC
• Added Google search v8.9 & themed Podcast
• Fixed wifi settings FC for s7 and other devices
• Added wifi calling (wfc settings) overlay & custom settings icon options
• Updated Samsung keyboard
• Fixes for settings
• Updated YouTube to v13.24.57
• Updated Gboard to v7.3
• Improved translucent systemUI option
• Fixed Google Photos slider background
• Samsung contacts,Dialer & settings improvements
• Updated Google+
• Updated YouTube Music
• Instagram Improvements
• Fixed Google search podcast bg and fc
• Fixed Google search Explore assistant settings
• PlayStore improvements & fixed menu text color
• Fixed whatsapp status compose background and location search text color
• Updated all the apps to latest versions
• Fixed growing media player notification issue (Android System & SystemUI)
• Fixed Rounded QS detail background and other improvements
• Fixed unthemed statusbar signal drawables on some devicesyheme
• Fixed Google search unthemed icons
• Added Google clock v5.2.2 overlay
• Added Google Dialer v21 overlay
• Added Google Search v8.7.11 overlay
• Added Google Contacts v2.7.3 overlay
• Fixed Samsung messages v5 contact picker background
• Improved Circle qs tiles sizes
• Added Samsung Messages v5.0.21.18 overlay
• Fixed FC on latest version Google Play
• Fixed google dialer tile colors
• XDA Feeds imrovements
• Instagram imrovements
• Added Google Translate v5.20
• Rounded notifications bug fix and improvements
• Themed Greenify app
• Updated Gold accents
• Updated WhatsApp to v18.177
• Updated Google news
• Updated Gmail
• Added WhatsApp v18.170
• Fixed WhatsApp beta build errors
• Fixed Google Search weather cards
• Fixed Some dialogs
• Hangouts chat bubble improvements
• Google+ v10.7 bug fix
• Added Google Search v8.5 and some other improvements
• Fixed Samsung contacts , Profile sharing Force Close
• Fixed YouTube Poll text colors & themed ad backgrounds
• Updated Google photos
• Updated Discord
• Fixed Opaque Navbar background
• Fixed theme sort list
• Fixed rounded notifications music control album art padding (Android System and SystemUI overlays)
• Fixed oversized available wifi icons in settings
• Added Oswald font into foundation google fonts overlay
• MatteBlack color improvements
• Themed Samsung Cloud app
• Fixed clock app, alarm repeat day text color
• Added square settings icon option
• Added a Google font (apply and pick it from font settings)
• Fixed SoundCloud search icon
• Fixed Google search weather feed cards
• YouTube theme improvments
• YouTube Music theme improvments
• Added new accents to dark and black theme sets (Gold and Amber)
• Improved all Netflix theme sets
• System and systemUI theme improvements
• Other minor bug fixes
• Added Rounded quick system panel and notifications option
• Fixed right clock merge
• Added circle tiles for:
- Edge lighting
- performance mode
- Smart view
- Always on display (You should select tile style from these overlays)
• Improved substratum popups & dialogs
• Big improvements on android system overlay
• Tile colors improvements
• PitchBlack - DarkGrey accent update
• DarkGrey - SpaceGrey accent update
• Other minor bug fixes
• Updated YouTube to v13.20.21 & fixed grey background issues
• Fixed WhatsApp emoji FC
• Added Google search v8.4.9.21
• Improved Google News
• Updated Google Drive
• Updated Google Contacts
• Added center SB clock option
• Improved translucent systemUI
• Bug fixes for samsung dialer and contacts
• Tiny design updates
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