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WordPress Fragment Caching convenience wrapper
cache_fragment_output( 'unique-key', 3600, function () {
function cache_fragment_output( $key, $ttl, $function ) {
$group = 'fragment-cache';
$output = wp_cache_get( $key, $group );
if ( empty($output) ) {
call_user_func( $function );
$output = ob_get_clean();
wp_cache_add( $key, $output, $group, $ttl );
echo $output;

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@markjaquith markjaquith commented May 23, 2013

Two reasons I didn't do it this way (I feel like I've said this before, but maybe it was to someone else):

  1. Requires PHP 5.3 — I wanted "runs on any WordPress install" code.
  2. Would likely require re-working the output code, if there is any reliance on global variables. I wanted something I could wrap around some random theme code and know that it would work every time.

But I agree that this is cleaner.

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