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Disable WSOD detection on WordPress 5.1 so that fatal errors during development don't constantly cause plugins to suspend
<?php // phpcs:disable WordPress.Files.FileName.InvalidClassFileName
* Plugin Name: Non-Handling Shutdown Handler
* Description: Disable WSOD protection so that plugins will not auto-suspend during development while errors often occur.
* Plugin URI:
* Plugin Author: Weston Ruter
* Class Non_Handling_Shutdown_Handler
class Non_Handling_Shutdown_Handler extends WP_Shutdown_Handler {
* Override the shutdown handler to no-op.
public function handle() {
// No-op.
return new Non_Handling_Shutdown_Handler();
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szepeviktor commented Feb 22, 2019

Maybe the last return serves no purpose.

The file must return the instance of the class that should be registered.

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