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WP Trac #42573: Fix for theme template caching.
* Plugin name: WP Trac #42573: Fix for theme template file caching.
* Description: Flush the theme file cache each time the admin screens are loaded which uses the file list.
* Plugin URI:
* Author: Weston Ruter, XWP.
* Author URI:
function wp_42573_fix_template_caching( WP_Screen $current_screen ) {
// Only flush the file cache with each request to post list table, edit post screen, or theme editor.
if ( ! in_array( $current_screen->base, array( 'post', 'edit', 'theme-editor' ), true ) ) {
$theme = wp_get_theme();
if ( ! $theme ) {
$cache_hash = md5( $theme->get_theme_root() . '/' . $theme->get_stylesheet() );
$label = sanitize_key( 'files_' . $cache_hash . '-' . $theme->get( 'Version' ) );
$transient_key = substr( $label, 0, 29 ) . md5( $label );
delete_transient( $transient_key );
add_action( 'current_screen', 'wp_42573_fix_template_caching' );

Thank you for writing this plugin, I'll never understand why Wordpress thought it would be a good idea to cache the template files without giving devs an option to disable the caching natively.

Thanks so much! I was about to dig into all kinds of major rabbit trails to solve this "bug" when I came across your fix on stackoverflow.

Brilliant - thank you!

omg thank you!!! you just saved us so much struggle on a project because of this darn cache issue. do you have a blog or somewhere we can donate some coffee money? this is truly so appreciated!

Wow! It fixes the issue. Thank you so much!

I was just doing some work on a site and created + named a new template file, assigned a page to it, then decided to rename the template file. WordPress was then trying to find the old template file which no longer exists.

This Gist fixes the problem.

Thank you, works great. Just threw this on to functions.php and noted it to be removed at some point.

Hi Everyone,
I am a beginner with WordPress. I just downloaded and activated this plugin. How does it help me resolve this issue "Something went wrong. Your change may not have been saved. Please try again. There is also a chance that you may need to manually fix and upload the file over FTP"? Kindly assist me.
unable to update issue

Thanks for this temp fix. Just wasted way too much time on this issue!


thank you!

auermi commented Nov 28, 2017

This is great, thanks so much!

Eran-E commented Nov 28, 2017

Hi, Thanks! I've also was looking for solution and that is a great one.
I've needed a flush button option because i didn't want to flush the cache every page load on the matched screens so i decided to fork it and make some additions.
I've added an option to choose between the current flush on page load or to flush with button on the admin bar, also on the button option: success notice on successful cache flush and more.
I'm new to Github so please correct me if i got it wrong but i can't create pull requests for gists, is it true? anyway, please check my fork:
i didn't add myself as an author.

Thanks for this buddy!

Thanks for writing this up, saved me hours!

Hi guys
Thank you for this plugin. Where do it put it? Do I add it to functions.php?

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