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There are a number of specs that may be useful for your project and many others:

W3C Digital Verification CG

Chainpoint (Bitcoin)



Blockcerts (W3C Verifiable Claims)

W3C Verifiable Claims WG


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commented Jan 29, 2019

What about identification? I.e. the relation between key and person/entity/agent?

Most places currently rely upon soft biometric attributes printed onto ID cards. Is it possible to verify the printed data against data retrievable from an immutable datastore — such as a blockchain — via lookup of an identifier represented as e.g. a QR code?


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commented Feb 5, 2019

"Web Authentication: An API for accessing Public Key Credentials Level 1"

WebAuthn defines a standard web API that can be incorporated into browsers and related web platform infrastructure which gives users new methods to securely authenticate on the web, in the browser and across sites and devices. WebAuthn has been developed in coordination with FIDO Alliance and is a core component of the FIDO2 Project along with FIDO’s Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specification. CTAP enables an external authenticator, such as a security key or a mobile phone, to communicate strong authentication credentials locally over USB, Bluetooth or NFC to the user's internet access device (PC or mobile phone). The FIDO2 specifications collectively enable users to authenticate easily to online services with desktop or mobile devices with phishing-resistant security.

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