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Last active February 23, 2019 21:31
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a key with magical powers
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ghost commented Jun 26, 2016

{"created": true} πŸ‘

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furyen commented Jul 25, 2016

Wow, took me a while since I am new to this but glad to finally see {"created": true} ! πŸ‘

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{"created": true}
A very fun Easter πŸ₯š

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ienugr commented Sep 20, 2016

{"created": true}
keen io

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Very cool thank you

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5ubbu commented Oct 10, 2017

Neat! I did get a 201 though :)

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IshamMohamed commented Oct 27, 2017

I now see a good API design. Getting a 201 with {"created": true}. The previous response code was 204 (even its how its documented its not suitable and good you've corrected.

Good read -

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Cool.. πŸ‘ I just found out about this.. 😍

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"created": true

Just stumbled upon this as well....great easter egg!

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{ "created": true }

Very cool, indeed! πŸ₯š 😍

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GuyKh commented Nov 20, 2018

{ "created": true }


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@GuyKh @narendrachoudhary Would you help me! Since you are the only guys who have done it this year,
I am getting invalid key responses and I am using Online Curl.

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{"created": true}

I'm late to the party as usual...
Nice easter egg tho!

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ashleymavericks commented Feb 18, 2019

{"created": true}

great fun.

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