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Created March 23, 2023 06:32
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# nebulagraph --> networkX
## 从 NebulaGraph 中获得一张图,存储为 pd dataframe
from import ConnectionPool
from nebula3.Config import Config
import pandas as pd
from typing import Dict
from import ResultSet
## 从 pd dataframe 中获得一张图,存储为 networkX
import networkx as nx
G = nx.from_pandas_edgelist(df, 'src', 'dst', 'weight', create_using=nx.DiGraph())
## 在 G 中跑一个图算法,pagerank
pr = nx.pagerank(G, alpha=0.85, max_iter=100, tol=1e-06, weight='weight', dangling=None)
## 设计 ngnx(nebulagraph-netowrkx) 的 API
from ngnx import ngnx_query_reader
from networkx import nx
nebula_config = {
"graphd": "nebula2",
"port": 9669,
"user": "root",
"password": "nebula"
reader = ngnx_query_reader(space="basketballplayer", edges=["follow"], properties=[["degree"]], nebula_config=nebula_config, limit=100)
g =
# call pagerank on g
pr = nx.pagerank(g, alpha=0.85, max_iter=100, tol=1e-06, weight='weight', dangling=None)
# class ngnx_query_reader:
class ngnx_query_reader:
def __init__(self, space: str, edges: list, properties: list, nebula_config: dict, limit: int, ): = space
self.edges = edges = properties
self.limit = limit
self.nebula_config = nebula_config
# define a config
config = Config()
# init connection pool
self.connection_pool = ConnectionPool()
assert self.connection_pool.init([(nebula_config.get("graphd", ""), nebula_config.get("port", 9669))], config), "Init Connection Pool Failed"
assert len(edges) > 0 and len(edges) == len(properties), "edges and properties should have the same length"
def result_to_df(result: ResultSet) -> pd.DataFrame:
build list for each column, and transform to dataframe
assert result.is_succeeded()
columns = result.keys()
d: Dict[str, list] = {}
for col_num in range(result.col_size()):
col_name = columns[col_num]
col_list = result.column_values(col_name)
d[col_name] = [x.cast() for x in col_list]
return pd.DataFrame(d)
def read(self):
with self.connection_pool.session_context('root', 'nebula') as session:
session.execute(f'USE {}')
assert session.execute(f'USE {}').is_succeeded()
result_list = []
for i in range(len(self.edges)):
edge = self.edges[i]
properties =[i]
properties_query_field = ""
for property in properties:
properties_query_field += f", e.{property} AS {property}"
result = session.execute(f'MATCH ()-[e:`{edge}`]->() RETURN src(e) AS src, dst(e) AS dst{properties_query_field} LIMIT {self.limit}')
print(f'query: MATCH ()-[e:`{edge}`]->() RETURN src(e) AS src, dst(e) AS dst{properties_query_field} LIMIT {self.limit}')
print(f"Result: {result}")
assert result.is_succeeded()
# merge all result
df = pd.DataFrame()
for result in result_list:
df = df.append(self.result_to_df(result))
# build graph
return nx.from_pandas_edgelist(df, 'src', 'dst',[0], create_using=nx.DiGraph())
def release(self):
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wey-gu commented Mar 23, 2023

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