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Mongoid Observer using ActiveModel.
require "#{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/mongoid/lib/observing.rb"
# Initializer for Observers
User.observers = :user_observer
# The preferred syntax, similar to AR's setup
# Mongoid.configure do |config|
# config.observers = :user_observer
# end
module Mongoid
module Observing
:before_create, :before_destroy, :before_save, :before_update,
:before_validation, :after_create, :after_destroy, :after_save,
:after_update, :after_validation
def self.included(base)
base.module_eval { include ActiveModel::Observing }
CALLBACKS.each do |callback|
callback_method = :"notify_observers_#{callback}"
base.module_eval <<-RUBY, __FILE__, __LINE__+1
def #{callback_method}(&block)
notify_observers(#{callback.inspect}, &block)
private #{callback_method.inspect}
require 'carrierwave/orm/mongoid'
class User
include Mongoid::Document
include Mongoid::Timestamps
include Mongoid::Observing
field :name
field :username
class UserObserver < ActiveModel::Observer
def after_validation(user)
puts "User Observer After Validation"
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fzxu commented Mar 6, 2011

There is the problem. the observer for user must be named to 'user_observer' which makes no sense for registration.

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Try adding the line "observe :user" to the observer class. If ActiveModel can't infer the model, the observer does not know which class to watch. The source code works very simliar to the directions for ActiveRecord,

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roman commented Mar 16, 2011

Why you are not using the ActiveModel observer module?

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I'm not following. Isn't ActiveModel::Observing called from observing.rb at line 10?

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cgriego commented Mar 20, 2011

If you upgrade to Mongoid master then you'll get core support for observers. Add your observers to Mongoid.observers and make them inherit from Mongoid::Observer.

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angelim commented May 5, 2011

Got it to work with cgriego's tips:

  • upgrade mongoid gem to master
  • create an initializer or equivalent to load the observers: Mongoid.observers << :user_observer
  • generate the observer: rails g observer user
  • implement observer class "user_observer" and make it inherit from Mongoid::Observer (the generator will set this up for you)

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gawin commented May 24, 2011

My observer callbacks were called twice. Before and after the original model validation.

Fixed it by removing the explicit callback in the module eval, which causes the observer callback only to trigger after the orignal model callback.

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angelim commented May 24, 2011

No luck using the core support for observers officially added in Mongoid by @cgriego?

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gawin commented May 25, 2011

@angelim, works well with the Mongoid::Observer in master, however our production env isn't upgraded to Mongoid >= 2.0.0 yet.

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