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General information for the hackathon

#General Information for Hacking Journalism

  • The WIFI is MIT or MIT Guest
  • Bathrooms are right around the left corner from the Atrium
  • Please follow the code of conduct. In short, be respectful and considerate of others while at this event. We will quickly address any issues.
  • Sign up on the Hacking Journalism ChallengePost to submit your project. You can post ideas in the forum.
  • We can use any of the classrooms and whiteboards, but not the labs. Please be thoughtful of the Media Lab space. We are happy to be guests, so lets keep tidy and use any equipment with respect.
  • There will be some MIT researchers studying hackathons here. They will be filming and interviewing. If you don't want to be on camera, please let me know.
  • This would not have been possible without our sponsors: Embedly, Civic Media,, and Wistia.
  • If anything comes up, contact me (@whichlight) or Matt (@MattAtMIT)
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