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ОКП 6349580385
Two-color (red and green) gas discharge character synthesizing graphical
indicator ИГГ1-64x64M for communal use screens with total number of information
display elements of 64x64, size of elements of 2x2 mm and element pitch of 3 mm
is designed for arrays of screens and panels with color coding in stationary
and movable equipment.
The indicator is manufactured to climatic standard 8 according to
ГОСТ В 20.39.404-81.
Factory №__24860__ Date of manufacture __10.92__
Electrode to pin connection map
a64a63 ... a3 a2 a1
| | | | | | | | |
. ----+--+--+--+--+--+--+---- .
. ----+--+--+--+--+--+--+---- .
. ----+--+--+--+--+--+--+---- .
| | | | | | | | |
a64a63 ... a3 a2 a1
a1,a2,a3...a63,a64 are anodes
K1,K2,K3...K63,K64 are cathodes
Diagram of display element location by color
viewed from the side of information field
a64a63 ... a3a2a1
K64|R|G|R|G{ }R|G|R|G|K64
K63|G|R|G|R{ }G|R|G|R|K63
. |R|G|R|G{ }R|G|R|G| .
. |G|R|G|R{ }G|R|G|R| .
. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ . G - green
. |R|G|R|G{ }R|G|R|G| . R - red
K3 |G|R|G|R{ }G|R|G|R|K3
K2 |R|G|R|G{ }R|G|R|G|K2
K1 |G|R|G|R{ }G|R|G|R|K1
a64a63 ... a3a2a1
2.1. Electrical and photometric parameters
Name of parameter, unit Typical Measured
Anode voltage at appearance of glow, V ≤350 330
Anode voltage at disappearance of glow, V ≥220 260
Brightness of indicator, cd/m²
by red light 30-70 50
by green light 75-150 101
Irregularity of brightness, % ≤30
Intrinsic contrast of brightness ≥40
Time to readiness with external
illuminance of (80±8) lux, sec ≤0.5
Continuation of table
Name of parameter, unit Typical Measured
Observation angle, deg
horizontal ≥±45
vertical ≥±45
N o t e s: 1. Defective display elements are not permitted. Flickering
display elements, that is display elements with variability of brightness
visible at a distance of (1.5±0.5) m and change in brightness causing
the irregularity of brightness of the indicator over ±30%, are not permitted.
2. Illuminated elements indistinguishable at a distance
of (1.5±0.5) m are permitted. In ambiguous cases the brightness of
illuminated elements (without background lighting) is measured and must be
less than 5 cd/m².
3. Indicator parameters are valid for 91 kOhm±5% load resistors
in anode circuits.
2.2. Permitted operating conditions
Name of parameter, unit Typical Notes
Anode power supply voltage, V 400±2% 1
Cathode scan cycle repeat frequency, Hz 1000±10%
Anode pulse duration, us 12±10%
Cathode voltage pulse duty ratio 64±10%
N o t e s: 1. Anode voltage may be supplied by two 200 V ±2.5% power sources
or a single power source with a voltage doubler.
2. Anode and cathode voltage waveforms are provided on
the picture.
2.3. Minimum time before failure:
with simultaneous lighting of no more than 25% of display elements with
change of illuminating element (such that each element is used for
5000 hr) - 20000 hr
with simultaneous lighting of 100% of display elements - 4000 hr
Considering: indicator brightness by red color no less than 15 cd/m²,
by green color no less than 37.5 cd/m²;
anode voltage at disappearance of glow no less than 200 V;
total amount of defective display elements no more than 6 pcs, but no more
than one per character region of 7x9 elements (group В ОСТ 11 339.814-83).
Duration of shelf life -B in accordance to section 5.
2.4. Overall dimensions of indicator
+0.1 +0.1
(193.0 ) x (193.0 ) x 28 max mm
-0.46 -0.46
Weight no more than 1.1 kg.
2.5. Precious metal content absent.
Indicator ИГГ1-64x64M, factory №__24860__, is compliant to technical
specification ОДО.339.519 ТУ and considered fit for operation.
Date of acceptance __04 DEC 1992__
Place for [stamp] Place for customer [stamp]
ОТК stamp representative stamp
Place for stamp "Repeat check performed _______________"
Place for Place for customer
ОТК stamp representative stamp
4.1. Indicators are recommended to be operated with 91 kOhm±5% load resistors
and cathode scan cycle repeat frequency of 500-1000 Hz with duty ratio of 64
and corresponding anode voltage pulse duration (τia).
Scanning may be ceased for no longer than 5[indecipherable] with τia over
15 us up to 10 pcs of illuminated but not addressed elements may appear with
brightness of at most 25% of the brightness of the adjacent addressed display
95-110 kOhm load resistors may be used in anode circuits with corresponding
decrease in brightness.
4.2. Display elements may be turned on in any sequence and combination.
4.3. In order to simplify control of a compound screen, at most 4 indicators
may be connected in series via cathodes or anodes.
4.4. Time to readiness may be decreased by increasing the number of
simultaneously enabled elements and (or) increasing brightness to 200 lux.
4.5. Indicator may be operated for a short time at a lowered temperature
of minus 20°C for a continuous duration of no more than 30 min. Total time of
operation at minus 20°C must not be more than 1 hr. Indicator may be operated
with anode power supply voltage of 420 V for 100 hr during minimum time before
failure. Given the above, up to 10 pcs illuminated elements are permitted with
brightness of up to 25% of the brightness of the adjacent addressed display
4.6. In order to increase image contrast in conditions of increased
background illumination, it is recommended to use a dark matte grid.
4.7. Operating orientation of the indicator is horizontal; slanted and
vertical may be used with horizontal orientation of cathodes.
4.8. Cooling is passive.
4.9. In equipment the indicator (with horizontal orientation of cathodes)
is mounted with nuts attached to bolts on the back side of the indicator
using rubber gaskets with thickness of 2-5 mm or rubber washers with thickness
of 2-6 mm and diameter of no less than 10mm, which are used for alignment
of equipment faceplates. Screws may be tightened with at most 0.05-0.1 kgf/m
of torque.
In mounted position indicators may not move or apply pressure to each other.
During installation indicators may not be hit on any surface.
4.10. Indicator is connected by soldering contact pads. Before soldering
it is recommended that contact pads be cleaned with rags.
Soldering to contact pads must be performed with ПОССУ-61-0.5 [61% Sn,
0.5% Sb, Pb balance--transl.] solder with soldering iron tip temperature
of (260±10)°C. Time of continuous heating no higher than 2 s. Interval between
heating no less than 3 s. Any contact pad may be heated no more than 3 times.
Minimum shelf life of indicators when stored in a heated storage area or
in all storage areas of indicators integrated into protected equipment or
stored in a protected spare parts kit is 15 years.
If indicators are stored in factory packaging or integrated into
non-protected equipment, or contained in a non-protected spare parts kit,
under a shed or in an open area, minimal shelf life is provided in the table.
Minimum shelf life
Place of storage in factory in non-protected equipment
packaging or spare parts kit
Non-heated storage area 10 10
Under a shed 10 7.5
Open storage area storage not 7.5
When storing indicators in conditions of a non-heated storage area,
under a shed or in an open area during a part of minimum shelf life,
the remaining minimum shelf life can be determined by the difference between
minimum shelf life in conditions of a heated storage area and a product of
coefficient of reduction of minimum shelf life K_nonheated_stor = 1.5;
K_shed = 1.5 - 2; K_open_area = 2 by actual time of storage in a non-heated
storage area, under a shed or in an open area.
Manufacturer guarantees that the quality of each indicator satisfies
requirements of ОДО.339.519 ТУ given that the consumer follows requirements
and rules of storage, transport, installation and operation given in
ОДО.339.519 ТУ.
Warranty period is equal to minimal shelf life described in section 5.
Warranty operating time equals minimum time before failure described
in section 2.3, up to warranty period. Warranty period starts at date of
manufacture, and for indicators that underwent repeat checks, from the date
of repeat check.
In case of failure of the indicator, it must be returned to the manufacturer
with the following details filled in:
Storage duration: _______________________________
(filled if the indicator was not operated)
Date of beginning of operation: _________________
Date of failure: ________________________________
Operating time: _________________________________
Primary parameters of operation: __________________________
Cause of removal from storage or operation: _______________
Filled at: ________________________________________________
Waveforms of cathode and anode pulses
τiea <-> τiea τascan
--->--< >--<--- <-------->
/‾‾‾\ /‾‾‾\ /‾‾‾\ /‾‾‾\ /‾‾‾\
____/ A1 \__/ A2 \__/ A3 \_ _/ A64 \__/ A1 \_ __
‾‾‾‾\ K1 /‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾‾\ K1 /‾‾‾‾
\___/ \___/
--->--< >--<---
τieс <-> τiec
‾‾‾\ K2 /‾‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\ /‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾
K64 \___/
Notes: 1. τiea and τiec are measured by 0.1-0.9 level.
2. τia and τic are measured by 0.9 level.
3. The shape of pulses is shown schematically.
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