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@whutch whutch/
Created May 1, 2013

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A one liner for Gob's Program, with delayed text writing for maximum effect.
# Python 2.7
any(__import__('time').sleep(__import__('sys').stdout.write(chr(n)) or .01) for n in __import__('itertools').cycle([80,101,110,117,115,32])) if raw_input('Gob\'s Program: Y/N?\n? ')[0].lower() == 'y' else ''
# Python 3.x
any(__import__('time').sleep(print(chr(n),end='',flush=True) or .01) for n in __import__('itertools').cycle([80,101,110,117,115,32])) if input('Gob\'s Program: Y/N?\n? ')[0].lower() == 'y' else ''
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