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Wii Nunchuk Script
# Import the required libraries for this script
import math, string, time, serial, win32api, win32con
# The port to which your Arduino board is connected
port = 'arduino_port'
# Invert y-axis (True/False)
invertY = False
# The cursor speed
cursorSpeed = 20
# The baudrate of the Arduino program
baudrate = 19200
# Variables indicating whether the mouse buttons are pressed or not
leftDown = False
rightDown = False
# Variables indicating the center position (no movement) of the controller
midAccelX = 530 # Accelerometer X
midAccelY = 510 # Accelerometer Y
midAnalogY = 134 # Analog Y
if port == 'arduino_port':
print 'Please set up the Arduino port.'
while 1:
# Connect to the serial port
ser = serial.Serial(port, baudrate, timeout = 1)
# Wait 1s for things to stabilize
# While the serial port is open
while ser.isOpen():
# Read one line
line = ser.readline()
# Strip the ending (\r\n)
line = string.strip(line, '\r\n')
# Split the string into an array containing the data from the Wii Nunchuk
line = string.split(line, ' ')
# Set variables for each of the values
analogX = int(line[0])
analogY = int(line[1])
accelX = int(line[2])
accelY = int(line[3])
accelZ = int(line[4])
zButton = int(line[5])
cButton = int(line[6])
# Left Mouse Button
# If the Wii Nunchuk Z Button is pressed, but wasn't previously
if(zButton and not leftDown):
# Simulate a mouse pressing the left mouse button
leftDown = True
# Else if it was pressed, but isn't anymore
elif(leftDown and not zButton):
# Simulate a mouse releasing the left mouse button
leftDown = False
# Right Mouse Button
# Do the same with the C Button, simulating the right mouse button
if(cButton and not rightDown):
rightDown = True
elif(rightDown and not cButton):
rightDown = False
# Mouse Wheel
# If the analog stick is not centered
if(abs(analogY - midAnalogY) > 5):
# Simulate a mouse wheel movement
win32api.mouse_event(win32con.MOUSEEVENTF_WHEEL,0,0,int(math.floor((analogY - midAnalogY)/2)),0)
# Simulate a mouse wheel stopped
# Mouse Movement
# Create variables indicating how much the mouse cursor should move in each direction
dx = 0
dy = 0
# If the Wii Nunchuk is rotated around the x-axis
if(abs(accelX - midAccelX) > 20):
# Calculate how much the cursor should move horizontally
dx = int(math.floor((accelX - midAccelX)*cursorSpeed/400))
# If the Wii Nunchuk is rotated around the y-axis
if(abs(accelY - midAccelY) > 20):
# Calculate how much the cursor should move vertically
dy = int(math.floor((accelY - midAccelY)*cursorSpeed/400))
# Invert the y-axis
if invertY:
dy = dy*-1
# Simulate mouse movement with the values calculated above
# After the program is over, close the serial port connection
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