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Will C. wichopy

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View google-login.js
var provider = new firebase.auth.GoogleAuthProvider();
function onSigninClick () {
firebase.auth().signInWithPopup(provider).then(function (result) {
console.log('Auth resposne from firebase:', result)
function onSignoutClick () {
firebase.auth().signOut().then(function() {
wichopy / higher_order_single_click.js
Last active Aug 16, 2018
higher order single click function
View higher_order_single_click.js
//Wrap an onclick handler
const once = fn => {
let done = false;
return (...args) => {
if (!done) {
done = true;
wichopy /
Last active Jul 23, 2018
CORS requests


  • web applications makes a CORs request when it requests a resource that has a different origin (domain, protocol, port) then its own origin.
  • CORS is for security reasons, browsers restrict cross-origin HTTP requests initiated within scripts
  • HTTP Header that allows servers to describe the set of origins that are permitted to read that information using a web browser.
  • HTTP requests that can cause side-effects on server's data, browser must pre-flight the request (HTTP OPTIONS method), After approval, the server will send the actual request back to the browser.
  • Allowed Methods:
    • GET
    • HEAD
    • POST
wichopy / webpack-docker-package-conf.json
Created Jul 12, 2018
Connecting webpack dev server to an api hosted locally in a docker container
View webpack-docker-package-conf.json
"proxy": {
"/server": {
"target": "",
"changeOrigin": true
wichopy /
Created Jul 1, 2018
PM2 start npm script with environment variables injected.
pm2 start npm --name [process name] -- run [npm script name] ENV_VAR=some_env_var_value
wichopy /
Created May 1, 2018
Redeploy server war and restart postgres docker container locally.
echo "Stop tomcat";
echo "Restart postgres container";
#Assuming you have docker, with a postgres container running called local-postgres. The postgres container can be renamed in the docker run command.
docker stop local-postgres;
docker rm local-postgres;
docker run --name local-postgres -e POSTGRES_USER=user -e POSTGRES_DB=db -d -p 5432:5432 postgres;
wichopy / filterString.js
Created Feb 3, 2018
Filter out text strings using regex of a URL.
View filterString.js
// assuming env var
removebaseURL = (fullURL) => { // pass in (
// Allow api calls to handle just the end point (/kittens) or the full URL (
// by filtering out the base URL if the route contains it.
const reg = new RegExp(process.env.BASE_URL, 'gi');
const match = fullURL.match(r eg)
let endpoint
if (match) {
endpoint = fullURL.split(reg)[1]
wichopy / isolateKeys.js
Last active Jan 9, 2018
Immutable removal of keys from a javascript object using ES6 deconstructing.
View isolateKeys.js
//Avoid annoying immutability bugs by using this nice ES6 deconstructing trick to keep your object immutable.
// example obj
const someObj = {
want: 'this',
need: 'that',
dont: 'wantthis',
forget: 'this'
wichopy / Jenkinsfile.groovy
Created Nov 20, 2017 — forked from Faheetah/Jenkinsfile.groovy
Jenkinsfile idiosynchrasies with escaping and quotes
View Jenkinsfile.groovy
node {
echo 'No quotes in single backticks'
sh 'echo $BUILD_NUMBER'
echo 'Double quotes are silently dropped'
sh 'echo "$BUILD_NUMBER"'
echo 'Even escaped with a single backslash they are dropped'
sh 'echo \"$BUILD_NUMBER\"'
echo 'Using two backslashes, the quotes are preserved'
sh 'echo \\"$BUILD_NUMBER\\"'
echo 'Using three backslashes still results in preserving the single quotes'
wichopy / checkbox_extract_script.bas
Created Mar 19, 2017
Script to extract data from excel checkboxes.
View checkbox_extract_script.bas
Sub CheckboxLoop()
'Using this as a start:
'PURPOSE: Loop through each Form Control Checkbox on the ActiveSheet
Dim cb As Shape
Dim i As Integer
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