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case-class like thing in python
# E.g. TaskClass = CaseClass('name', 'owner', 'pid')
# task1 = TaskClass(name = "hello", owner = "brian", pid = 15)
# task2 = TaskClass(name = "world", owner = "brian", pid = 13)
# tasks = [task1, task2]
# filter(lambda task: task.where(owner = "brian"), tasks) => [task1, task2]
# filter(lambda task: task.where(owner = "brian", pid = 13), tasks) => [task2]
# matcher = TaskClass(pid = 13)
# filter(lambda task: task.match(matcher), tasks) => [task2]
class CaseClass:
def __init__(self, *kw):
self._attrs = kw
def __call__(self, **d):
cc = CaseClass(*self._attrs)
cc._d = d
return cc
def set(self, **d):
for attr in d:
if attr not in self._attrs: raise Exception("Unknown attribute: %s" % attr)
self._d[attr] = d[attr]
def __eq__(self, other):
return self._d == other._d
def __hash__(self):
return self.__str__().__hash__()
def __str__(self):
return '-'.join('%s:%s' % (a, self._d[a]) for a in self._attrs)
def filter(self, attr, value):
if attr not in self._attrs: raise Exception("Unknown attribute: %s" % attr)
if self._d[attr] == value:
return True
return False
def where(self, **d):
for attr in d:
if not self.filter(attr, d[attr]):
return None
return self
def match(self, other_class):
if self._attrs != other_class._attrs: raise Exception("Comparing incompatible case classes")
return self.where(**other_class._d)
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