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module.exports = (config) ->
# base path, that will be used to resolve files and exclude
basePath: '../'
frameworks: ['jasmine', 'mocha', 'chai'],
files: [
{pattern: 'app/**/*.js', included: true, served: true, watched: false}
{pattern: 'tests/**/*.js', included: true, served: true, watched: false}
# list of files to exclude
exclude: [
client: {
mocha: {
ui: 'bdd'
# use dots reporter, as travis terminal does not support escaping sequences
# possible values: 'dots', 'progress'
# CLI --reporters progress
reporters: ['progress'],
# web server port
# CLI --port 9876
port: 9876,
# enable / disable colors in the output (reporters and logs)
# CLI --colors --no-colors
colors: true,
# level of logging
# possible values: config.LOG_DISABLE || config.LOG_ERROR || config.LOG_WARN ||
# config.LOG_INFO || config.LOG_DEBUG
# CLI --log-level debug
logLevel: config.LOG_INFO,
# enable / disable watching file and executing tests whenever any file changes
# CLI --auto-watch --no-auto-watch
autoWatch: true,
# If browser does not capture in given timeout [ms], kill it
# CLI --capture-timeout 5000
captureTimeout: 20000,
# Auto run tests on start (when browsers are captured) and exit
# CLI --single-run --no-single-run
singleRun: false,
# report which specs are slower than 500ms
# CLI --report-slower-than 500
reportSlowerThan: 500,
plugins: [
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