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Created Mar 15, 2017
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SC Workshop Freiburg

Note: texts in brackets are my comments.


  • more exercises to try
  • make sure all commands work on all environments
  • waiting until everyone was ready at the beginning (install' party?)
  • use yellow post-it for questions too
  • pace could be faster at certain chapters but generally nice
  • Git/GitHub too exhausting (half a day was probably not enough)
  • glass bottles instead of plastic ones
  • not all stuff on GitHub is totally clear yet
  • last exercise not finished, waiting for the solutions to be posted (will be sent by email at +10 days)
  • more shorter exercises
  • short outile of the upcoming distinct lessons would have been nice
  • morning lecture was a bit too fast
  • having to do evaluations all the time (refers to red/greed post-its)
  • exercises with specific problems from audience
  • examples on how not so-technical biologists use GitHub for .doc, .ppt, etc.
  • one more break in the afternoon would be nice (on day 1, we did it on day 2)
  • a little bit too much focus on GitHub (1h / 3h30 spent on GitHub)
  • use the same system for all (Jupyter Notebook was used for Python, it is better during the workshop, but harder for the attendees to reuse their new skills after)
  • vi was confusing (Git Bash does not have nano installed, only vi)
  • would have been nice if everyone had installed Ubuntu
  • if linux or nano are required, attendees should know about it
  • no time for questions (day 1 morning, we finished too late and did not ask for questions at the very end, but we asked right after lunch)
  • too fast at the end (day 1 morning, cf. previous point)
  • too repetitive at the end (day 1 afternoon, about git/github)
  • better explain git checkout
  • a bit slow in the beginning
  • introduce basic terms like variables a bit slower (second day)
  • more mathplotlib if possible
  • some very basic commands would have been explained a little quicker (complicated with absolute beginners)
  • better structure for 2nd day
  • introduction too fast (day 2 morning, about python)
  • more structure to introduce basics of programming
  • more time for the agenda, 3 days instead of 2 (we also think that, with complete beginners, it is complicated to teach Bash/Git/Python in 2 days)
  • more time to introduce variables and files


  • well explained
  • help provided as needed
  • inspirations for practicing
  • very friendly attitude
  • very good introduction for absolute beginners as advertised
  • great helping during the workshop
  • showing how to use shortcuts is useful (likely related to the UNIX shell)
  • very helpful
  • very interactive and informative
  • good pace
  • challenging python exercises with great individual help and good general explanations
  • good introduction for beginners
  • good to include exercises
  • exercises are good
  • would be nice if there was a 2nd workshop
  • exercises, workbook (Jupyter Notebook I would say)
  • exercises, patience
  • exercises were very useful
  • nice exercises, clearly explained. They gave an opportunity to see how functions work and how to work the outcome (related to Python)
  • nice pace for python
  • really liked the practical examples from Bioinformatics
  • the exercises are good, difficulty level is just right
  • good amount of instructors, help can be provided quickly and efficient (we were 4 instructors)
  • very nice basic introduction, even for complete starters
  • I have used python before and was happy about the short intro and higher speed
  • basic content for the people who are not familiar with unix
  • the organization
  • the usb sticks to help with installing ubuntu for those who had not done it
  • slow speed and many repetitions
  • workshop was good, especially the second half
  • very good pace and explanations
  • nice introduction on git and github
  • nice hands-on exercises
  • everything was nicely and clearly explained and understandable
  • very nice intro on the basic commands (unix)
  • enough people to help with a problem right away
  • very good pace and understandable explanations
  • fast help of the team is wonderful
  • interesting topics and easy to find the utilities
  • not too slow/fast, nice people, good environment, good food and drinks
  • everything was smooth and fine
  • teaching speed is great
  • nicely done
  • step by step was perfect to follow
  • good team work, interesting
  • very interactive environment
  • found the speed sweet spot, not too slow, not too fast
  • nicely explained
  • really liked the interaction
  • clearly and slow enough explained
  • step-by-step :)
  • everything
  • good introduction, plenty of time for questions in the beginning
  • good explanation, not too fast/slow, questions could be asked and answered immediately
  • I did like the speed, explanations and immediate help
  • questions answered immediately
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