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Last active Sep 16, 2020
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Moving Concourse Pipelines

Moving Concourse Pipelines

Currently concourse does not support moving pipelines between teams via fly CLI. There is an issue for that here

The only way to do this is to make a few changes in the DB.

If you run the statement below you will see that 6 tables have the team_id column.

concourse=> select table_name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 where column_name = 'team_id';;
    where column_name = 'team_id';

If you describe the tables \d+ pipelines you can see the column is present. Run a quick select * from pipelines limit 5 to examine what the data is like.

If you do this for the rest of the tables, it becomes apparant that the only tables you need to edit are pipelines, and builds. This will move your pipeline definitions and your historic builds over correctly, and everything will carry on working.

If you want to move all your pipelines from team main to team new (lets say it has an id of 3) you would just run the following statements:

update pipelines set team_id = 3 where team_id = 1; 
update builds set team_id = 3 where team_id = 1;

This will move all of your pipelines that belong to team 1 to team 3.

However, you might want to split your pipelines into multiple teams so find all the pipeline names that share a prefix, using something like

select * from pipelines where name ~ 'shared';

or just find the ids if they dont follow a convention and run something like this

update builds set team_id = 2 where pipeline_id in (3,6,8,12,43,44,21,22);

You can run a similar statement for the pipelines too.


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@wendorf wendorf commented Jun 8, 2018

To finish the migration, you will also need to refresh the materialized views to reflect the new pipeline locations

refresh materialized view next_builds_per_job;
refresh materialized view transition_builds_per_job;
refresh materialized view latest_completed_builds_per_job;

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@marco-m marco-m commented Nov 22, 2018

I would like to confirm that this worked very well for us on Concourse 4.2.1, thanks! 💯


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@flavorjones flavorjones commented Jan 19, 2019

This worked for me on Concourse 4.2.2. Thank you! 👍 ❤️


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@edwardstudy edwardstudy commented Mar 18, 2019



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@infews infews commented May 9, 2019

Anyone know if this works for v5.1?


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@Sophichia Sophichia commented May 13, 2019

Confirmed that it also works for v5.1. Thanks for the solution!


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@mdelillo mdelillo commented Apr 3, 2020

Still working as of v5.8.0, thank you!


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@speculatrix speculatrix commented May 6, 2020

this worked for me too on 5.7.x
I don't know what @wendorf meant by "refresh the materialized views", I copied those commands to the postgres command line and it didn't like them.

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