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Create an inverted index from a file
* From a file that contains
* doc_id w1 w2 w3 ... lines, separated by tabs
* return an inverted index Map of w -> Set(doc_id)
* @param filename well isn't it obvious
* @return Map[String,Set[String]]
import scala.collection.immutable.Map
def invertedIndex(filename:String) = {
io.Source.fromFile(fn).getLines. // this is an iterator over lines
map(_.split("\t")). // split at tabs
filter(_.size > 0). // make sure there is at least one item
map(x => x.drop(1).map(y => (y,x(0)) )). // get inverted pairs for all lines
toList. // ? required but i'm not sure why...
flatMap(x => x). // flatten to pairs -- you could filter on these
groupBy(_._1). // group by the first key
map(p => (p._1, // map over groups values, turning 2nd value into sets
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