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OCP 4.2/4.3 All-In-One (UPI mode)

This document assume reader is familiar with the OCP4x installation process.

Before Deployment

  • Setup the install-config.yaml to deploy a single master and no workers
    apiVersion: v1
    - hyperthreading: Enabled
      name: worker
      replicas: 0
      hyperthreading: Enabled
      name: master
      replicas: 1
     name: aio
        - cidr:
            hostPrefix: 23
        networkType: OpenShiftSDN
        none: {}
    pullSecret: '<your-pull-secret-here>'
    sshKey: 'ssh-rsa AAA...'

During Deployment

  • During installation there still need for a temporary external load balancer (or poor man version, modify the DNS entries).

    • For the installation prepare the DNS equivalent to this:             <ip_aio>      <ip_aio>        <ip_aio>
      *      <ip_aio>     <ip_bootstrap>         <ip_bootstrap>
      # etcd Service Record   IN SRV  0   0   2380
    • After bootkube.service completes modify the DNS             <ip_aio>      <ip_aio>        <ip_aio>
      *      <ip_aio>     <ip_aio>         <ip_aio>
      # etcd Service Record   IN SRV  0   0   2380
  • The single node will be shown with both roles (master and worker)

    $ oc get nodes
    NAME   STATUS   ROLES           AGE    VERSION
    aio    Ready    master,worker   33m    v1.16.2
  • Set etcd-quorum-guard to unmanaged state

    oc patch clusterversion/version --type='merge' -p "$(cat <<- EOF
        - group: apps/v1
          kind: Deployment
          name: etcd-quorum-guard
          namespace: openshift-machine-config-operator
          unmanaged: true
  • Downscale etcd-quorum-guard to one:

    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment/etcd-quorum-guard -n openshift-machine-config-operator
  • Downscale the number of routers to one:

    oc scale --replicas=1 ingresscontroller/default -n openshift-ingress-operator
  • (Recommended) Downscale the number of consoles, authentication, OLM and monitoring services to one:

    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/console -n openshift-console
    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/downloads -n openshift-console
    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/oauth-openshift -n openshift-authentication
    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/packageserver -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager
    # NOTE: When enabled, the Operator will auto-scale this services back to original quantity
    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/prometheus-adapter -n openshift-monitoring
    oc scale --replicas=1 deployment.apps/thanos-querier -n openshift-monitoring
    oc scale --replicas=1 statefulset.apps/prometheus-k8s -n openshift-monitoring
    oc scale --replicas=1 statefulset.apps/alertmanager-main -n openshift-monitoring
  • (optional) Setup image-registry to use ephemeral storage.

    WARNING: Only use ephemeral storage for internal registry for testing purposes.

    oc patch cluster --type merge \
    --patch '{"spec":{"storage":{"emptyDir":{}}}}'
    oc patch cluster --type merge \
    --patch '{"spec":{"managementState":"Managed"}}'

    NOTE: Wait until the image-registry operator completes the update before using the registry.

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What is the corresponding name in 4.6? tried but failed with:
[root@helper ocp4]# oc scale --replicas=1 deployment/etcd-quorum-guard -n openshift-machine-config-operator
Error from server (NotFound): deployments.apps "etcd-quorum-guard" not found

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OCP 4.6 uses an etcd operator so the adjustments are done in the openshfit-etcd namespace

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