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{TextMessage} = require '../node_modules/hubot/src/message'
module.exports = (robot) -> '/hubot/bearychat/:room', (req, res) ->
data = if req.body.payload? then JSON.parse req.body.payload else req.body
robot._send ?= robot.adapter.send;
robot.adapter.send = (user,strings...) ->
res.send {text: strings.toString()} if is "http"
robot.adapter.send = robot._send if isnt "http"
user = robot.brain.userForId '1', name: 'http', room: 'http'
robot.receive new TextMessage user, data.text, 'messageId'

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@yuanbohan yuanbohan commented Sep 8, 2015

你好,不过 BearyChat 的中文名是倍洽,而不是 简聊。 简聊的地址是 这里

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