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get query variable

use like this:


To get variables in urls eg:

If you want to support arrays, check the version by @atk below:

return RegExp("[&?]"+a+"=([^&]+)").exec(location)[1]
//searches the url (location)
//finds the text after a "&" or a "?" followed by the variable name, followed by a "="
//and before another "&"
function(a){return RegExp("[&?]"+a+"=([^&]+)").exec(location)[1]}
//If you want to support arrays (Thanks atk!)
function(a){for(var b=[],c,d=eval('/[&?]'+a+'(\\[])?=([^&]+)/g');c=d.exec(location);)b.push(c[2]);return b}
"name": "getQueryVariable",
"description": "Get variables in urls",
"keywords": [
getQueryVariable = function(a){return RegExp("[&?]"+a+"=([^&]+)").exec(location)[1]}
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williammalo commented May 22, 2012

Great! it works perfectly! (I think...)
I'll put it in my gist!

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onhate commented Nov 20, 2013

If you have an anchor on url like param=value#anchor it returns the value like value#anchor, you just need to add one more byte to the code to works =D

function url(a){for(var b=[],c,d=eval('/[&?]'+a+'([])?=([^&^#]+)/g');c=d.exec(location);)b.push(c[2]);return b}

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