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'use strict';
const pino = require('pino')();
const uuid = 'fe35c68e-1648-40a5-8f3a-a7d5ae054261';
const hash = '2cccdfbad40b872c6615c9721d14b904465a424e';'hello world');
pino.error('this is at error level');'the answer is %d', 42);{ obj: 42 }, 'hello world');{ obj: 42, b: 2 }, 'hello world');{ nested: { obj: 42 } }, 'nested');
setImmediate(function () {'after setImmediate');
pino.error(new Error(`an error with UUID: ${uuid}`));
var child = pino.child({ a: `property ${uuid}` });'hello child!');
var childsChild = child.child({ another: 'property' });'hello baby..');
pino.debug('this should be mute');
pino.level = 'trace';
pino.debug('this is a debug statement');
pino.child({ another: '#property2' }).debug('this is a debug statement via child');
pino.trace('this is a trace statement');
pino.debug('this is a "debug" statement with "');'hello world');`API CALLED:${uuid}/user/:${hash}/7627?test=true with HTTP Status 200`);
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