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@willnix willnix/zombies2gpx.go
Last active Apr 22, 2016

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Converts the JSON format used by "Zombies Run!" to GPX which can be imported in Runtastic.
package main
import (
type zombiesLog struct {
Gps []struct {
Altitude float64 `json:"altitude"`
HorizontalAccuracy float64 `json:"horizontal_accuracy"`
Latitude float64 `json:"latitude"`
Longitude float64 `json:"longitude"`
Time time.Time `json:"time"`
VerticalAccuracy float64 `json:"vertical_accuracy"`
} `json:"gps"`
StartTime time.Time `json:"start_time"`
type gpx struct {
Gpx struct {
Creator string `xml:"creator,attr"`
Version string `xml:"version,attr"`
Xsi string `xml:"xsi,attr"`
SchemaLocation string `xml:"schemaLocation,attr"`
Trk struct {
Name string `xml:"name"`
Trkseg struct {
Trkpt []trkPoints `xml:"trkpt"`
} `xml:"trkseg"`
} `xml:"trk"`
} `xml:"gpx"`
type trkPoints struct {
Lat string `xml:"lat,attr"`
Lon string `xml:"lon,attr"`
Ele string `xml:"ele"`
Time string `xml:"time"`
func main() {
// specify the input file as commandline argument
dat, err := os.Open(os.Args[1])
var zombiesJSON zombiesLog
err = json.NewDecoder(dat).Decode(&zombiesJSON)
var runtasticGPX gpx
// fill header values
runtasticGPX.Gpx.Creator = "zombies2gpx"
runtasticGPX.Gpx.Version = "1.0"
runtasticGPX.Gpx.SchemaLocation = ""
runtasticGPX.Gpx.Xsi = ""
// array for the trackpoints
runtasticPoints := make([]trkPoints, len(zombiesJSON.Gps))
// copy all trackpoints to the GPX xml stuct
for index, trackpoint := range zombiesJSON.Gps {
runtasticPoints[index] = trkPoints{
Lat: fmt.Sprintf("%f", trackpoint.Latitude),
Lon: fmt.Sprintf("%f", trackpoint.Longitude),
Ele: fmt.Sprintf("%f", trackpoint.Altitude),
Time: trackpoint.Time.Format(time.RFC3339),
runtasticGPX.Gpx.Trk.Trkseg.Trkpt = runtasticPoints
enc := xml.NewEncoder(os.Stdout)
enc.Indent(" ", " ")
err = enc.Encode(runtasticGPX)
func check(e error) {
if e != nil {

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gregorstephen commented Feb 19, 2016

Great little tool! I've been looking for a way to extract the run logs out of the app, this (along with your blog post) was just what I needed - thanks!

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