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inbox 0

game description:

You receive emails in an inbox. You are presented with a set of options for each email. Some options result in further emails being sent by your contacts. You choose options attempting to reach inbox zero.

progression ideas:

  • Emails and contacts get stickier and stickier as levels progress.
  • The metagame evolves from choosing correct responses to more advanced "knowledge management" work tasks, like determining the actual action items and next actions.
  • Advanced levels involve coordinating responses between multiple contacts at another company/organization.

random ideas:

  • Yahoo-answers style avatars to really drive you nuts.


  • "the bike shed"

yhahn commented Dec 11, 2012

other powerups: caffeine supplements like tea, redbull, etc. change your relative speed -- e.g. the rate of emails coming in.

  • tea: should provide only a mild speed boost, but your answer options are less volatile/dangerous to your future.
  • redbull: should provide a huge speed boost, but your answer options are increasingly dangerous.

yhahn commented Dec 11, 2012

@willwhite just mentioned "minigames" where the goal is to finish the minigame as soon as possible as emails keep coming in...

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