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Created May 17, 2015
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BC Leveling Calculato English Lang
'LEVELING_TITLE': 'BC Leveling Calculator',
'MONSTER_FOR_LEVELING': 'Monster for leveling',
'SPECIAL': 'Special',
'CANDY': 'Candy',
'CRYSTAL': 'Crystal',
'RARE': 'Rare',
'SUPER': 'Super',
'ULTRA': 'Ultra',
'EPIC': 'Epic',
'FIRST': '1st',
'SECOND': '2nd',
'EVOLUTION': 'Evolution',
'WITH_FEED_BOOSTER': 'With feed booster?',
'YES': 'Yes',
'NO': 'No',
'NECESSARY_EXP': 'Necessary Exp.',
'ACCUMULATED_EXP': 'Accumulated Exp.',
'MISSING_EXP': 'Missing Exp.',
'ELEMENTAL_CRYSTAL': 'Elemental Cristal',
'SUPER_CRYSTAL': 'Super Cristal',
'ULTRA_CRYSTAL': 'Ultra Cristal',
'EPIC_CRYSTAL': 'Epic Cristal',
'EXP': 'Exp',
'LEVEL': 'Level',
'POTENT': 'Potent',
'CHARGED': 'Charged',
'ENERGIZED': 'Energized',
'BONUS': 'bonus',
'ANY_ELEMENT': 'Any Element',
'SAME_ELEMENT': 'Same Element',
'REMOVE': 'Remove',
'ADD_OTHE_SPECIAL': 'Add other special',
'RELOAD_CALCULATOR': 'Reload Calculator',
'CODED_BY': 'Coded by',
'TRANSLATED_BY': 'Translated by',
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