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Created Sep 18, 2008
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An exception has occurred:
No method 'call' on an instance of Fixnum. (NoMethodError)
Kernel(Fixnum)#method_missing at kernel/delta/kernel.rb:13
Object#with_block at bp.rb:2
main.__script__ at bp.rb:5
CompiledMethod#activate_as_script at kernel/common/compiled_method.rb:230
CompiledMethod#as_script at kernel/common/compiled_method.rb:223
Compile.single_load at kernel/common/compile.rb:264
Compile.load_from_extension at kernel/common/compile.rb:309
Object#__script__ at kernel/loader.rb:257
> cat bp.rb
def with_block(&prc) # If you inspect prc here, it is a Proc, but..
with_block do |z|
STDERR.puts z
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