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# 本拠> git remote show origin
# * remote origin
# URL: git://
# Remote branch merged with 'git pull' while on branch master
# master
# Tracked remote branches
# master stable vim
# 本拠> cat Rakefile
desc "Build MacVim and copy to the root of the checkout"
task :package do
cd "src"
sh "make clean"
sh "./configure --enable-gui=macvim"
sh "make"
cd "MacVim"
sh "xcodebuild"
cd "../.."
rm_rf ""
cp_r "src/MacVim/build/Release/", "."
desc "Install MacVim, building if needed"
task :install do
Rake::Task["package"].invoke unless File.exist?("")
raise " seems not to exist. Aborting!" unless File.readable?("")
rm_rf "/Applications/"
cp_r "", "/Applications/"
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