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" always show command and status line, messages shown separately
set guioptions=sCcM
" Disable the 'waiting for completions' display:
silent :hi CompMsg[key=waiting] display: none;
" no beeps!
set visualbell
" and kill off the visualbell
silent :js dactyl.beep = function () {};
set nomore
set hlsearch
set ignorecase
set smartcase
set complete=bth
set history=50
set wildmode=list:full
set shell=zsh
set titlestring=Firefox
colorscheme darkness
set newtab=all
set showstatuslinks=status
" press enter to follow hint
set followhints=1
set hintinputs=label,value,name
" default is 0123456789
set hintkeys=234wexsDgkjh
set passkeys+='https://mail\.google\.com/':ygijk<Space><Return>
" modify previouspattern to support penny arcade
set previouspattern='\bprev|previous|back\b',^<$,'^(<<|«)$','^(<|«)','(<|«)$'
map <D-{> gT
map <D-}> gt
comm! Z set fullscreen
comm! z set nofullscreen
" it would be cool if :only would close all sidebars and dialogs
" vim: syntax=vim
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