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Wilson Bilkovich wilson

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> git status
# On branch cpp
# Changed but not updated:
# (use "git add <file>..." to update what will be committed)
# modified: external_libs/llvm/Makefile
# modified: external_libs/llvm/Makefile.common
# modified: external_libs/llvm/bindings/Makefile
# modified: external_libs/llvm/bindings/ocaml/Makefile.ocaml
# modified: external_libs/llvm/examples/Makefile
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=== configuring in projects/sample (/Users/wilson/code/cpp/vm/external_libs/llvm/projects/sample)
configure: running /bin/sh ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile.common
config.status: executing setup commands
config.status: executing Makefile commands
/Users/wilson/code/cpp/vm/external_libs/llvm/autoconf/install-sh: ./Makefile does not exist.
config.status: executing lib/Makefile commands
/Users/wilson/code/cpp/vm/external_libs/llvm/autoconf/install-sh: ./lib/Makefile does not exist.
config.status: executing lib/sample/Makefile commands
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Breakpoint 1, rubinius::Assertion::raise (mesg=0x7ce864 "task->self->get_field(task->state, index)") at vm/exception.cpp:24
24 throw Assertion(mesg);
(gdb) bt
#0 rubinius::Assertion::raise (mesg=0x7ce864 "task->self->get_field(task->state, index)") at vm/exception.cpp:24
#1 0x0005e185 in op_push_my_field (task=0x38265d4, js=0x384eafc, index=6) at vm/gen/instructions.cpp:445
#2 0x000614c1 in rubinius::VMMethod::resume (this=0x282c730, task=0x38265d4, ctx=0x384ead4) at vm/gen/instructions.cpp:1471
#3 0x0005b086 in rubinius::Task::execute (this=0x38265d4) at vm/builtin/task.cpp:595
#4 0x000022b8 in rubinius::CompiledFile::execute (this=0x2eb7650, state=0x1002400) at vm/compiled_file.cpp:49
#5 0x00005529 in rubinius::Environment::run_file (this=0xbffff7f4, file=@0xbffff804) at vm/environment.cpp:80
#6 0x00062fd8 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff868) at vm/drivers/cli.cpp:57
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# Used to modify the relationship tags applied to the specified contact
# PUT /users/bob/contacts/alice/tags?friend=t&family=f
# Sets the tags on the relationship that 'bob' has with 'alice' to be 'friend' and not 'family'
def tags
@contact = user.contacts.with_login( params[:id] )
@relationship = user.relationships.with( @contact )
@relationship.set( tags_from_params( params ) )
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An exception has occurred:
Missing or uninitialized constant: RubyParser (NameError)
Module(Class)#const_missing at kernel/common/module.rb:586
String#to_sexp at kernel/delta/string.rb:18
File.to_sexp at kernel/delta/file.rb:15
C⎺└⎻␋┌␊⎼.␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊_°␋┌␊ ▒├ ┌␋␉/␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊⎼/␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊⎼.⎼␉:35
C⎺└⎻␋┌␊.␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊_°␋┌␊ ▒├ ┐␊⎼┼␊┌/␌⎺└└⎺┼/␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊.⎼␉:51
C⎺└⎻␋┌␊.⎽␋┼±┌␊_┌⎺▒␍ π£ ▒├ ┐␊⎼┼␊┌/␌⎺└└⎺┼/␌⎺└⎻␋┌␊.⎼␉:195
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diff --git a/kernel/common/enumerable.rb b/kernel/common/enumerable.rb
index 9fb2f34..8a4008f 100644
--- a/kernel/common/enumerable.rb
+++ b/kernel/common/enumerable.rb
@@ -457,9 +457,11 @@ module Enumerable
# %w[ant bear cat].all? { |word| word.length >= 4} #=> false
# [ nil, true, 99 ].all? #=> false
- def all?(&prc)
- prc = { |obj| obj } unless block_given?
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An exception has occurred:
No method 'call' on an instance of Fixnum. (NoMethodError)
Kernel(Fixnum)#method_missing at kernel/delta/kernel.rb:13
Object#with_block at bp.rb:2
main.__script__ at bp.rb:5
CompiledMethod#activate_as_script at kernel/common/compiled_method.rb:230
CompiledMethod#as_script at kernel/common/compiled_method.rb:223
Compile.single_load at kernel/common/compile.rb:264
wilson / .gemrc
Created Sep 19, 2008
.gemrc file for $HOME
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:verbose: really
gem: --no-ri --no-rdoc
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# Sets all the default values. Should only be called once. Use reset
# if you need to restore values.
def self.set_defaults
@@default_env ||= {}
mandatory :repository, "repository path"
mandatory :deploy_to, "deploy path"
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desc "Build MacVim and copy to the root of the checkout"
task :package do
cd "src"
sh "make clean"
sh "./configure --enable-gui=macvim"
sh "make"
cd "MacVim"
sh "xcodebuild"
cd "../.."
rm_rf ""