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Dashing Chuck Norris Fact Generator Job


Dashing job to render personalised Chuck Norris based facts into a text widget.

This job utilises the Internet Chuck Norris Database JSON api.

A randomly chosen forename and surname from an array of team members is chosen and passed to the icnd json api, and a Chuck Norris based fact, with the Chuck and the Norris replaced with our teammembers name is returned, and then sent to a dashing widget.


Put the chuck.rb file into the /jobs directory.

Add an entry into your dashboard file - see the example.

If you need to use a proxy, populate the details in chuck.rb and comment/uncomment the appropriate res = ... line.

Some of the icnd jokes might be seen to be a bit cheeky, so use can try to limit those by altering the limitTo attribute - see the api.

require 'net/http'
require 'json'
require 'cgi'
#The Internet Chuck Norris Database
server = ""
#Id of the widget
id = "chuck"
#Proxy details if you need them - see below
proxy_host = 'XXXXXXX'
proxy_port = 8080
proxy_user = 'XXXXXXX'
proxy_pass = 'XXXXXXX'
#The Array to take the names from
teammembers = [['Mickey','Mouse']]
SCHEDULER.every '30s', :first_in => 0 do |job|
random_member = teammembers.sample
firstName = random_member[0]
lastName = random_member[1]
#The uri to call, swapping in the team members name
uri = URI("#{server}/jokes/random?firstName=#{firstName}&lastName=#{lastName}&limitTo=[nerdy]")
#This is for when there is no proxy
res = Net::HTTP.get(uri)
#This is for when there is a proxy
#res = Net::HTTP::Proxy(proxy_host, proxy_port, proxy_user, proxy_pass).get(uri)
#marshal the json into an object
j = JSON[res]
#Get the joke
joke = CGI.unescapeHTML(j['value']['joke'])
#Send the joke to the text widget
send_event(id, { title: "#{firstName} #{lastName} Facts", text: joke })
<div data-id="chuck" data-view="Text" data-title="Team Facts" data-moreinfo="Team Member Facts.">

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amwhalen commented Sep 11, 2015

Thanks for the cool idea. I had no idea a Chuck Norris DB existed! I noticed that some HTML entities (&quot;) were showing up in the text. I was able to unescape them by using the cgi gem and modifying the joke variable:

require 'cgi'
joke = CGI.unescapeHTML(j['value']['joke'])

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bodsch commented Mar 17, 2016

i love this! :)
and i want it for our dashboard ...


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windowfinn commented Mar 30, 2016

Cool - I'm glad it's getting some use.


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np422 commented Aug 25, 2017

Much enjoyed, thank you!

I just put it up on a dashboard I'm putting together for a client with all the employees names listed, let's see how long time it takes before one of the boring types that's working there complains ...

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